Thursday, January 6, 2011

Slight Change of Plans

So I'm still going to attempt to eat the 26.2 mile elephant, just not the one in Eau Claire.  I've decided to run this one instead:

The reasoning:

  • It's two weeks later than Eau Claire which means I might actually get better weather.
  • Green Bay is two hours closer to home than Eau Claire.  I want to minimize the amount of time I'm stuck in a car afterward.
  • It's a larger race with better course support (water/gatorade stations) and all the race reviews mentioned great crowd support.
  • They offer pace groups, which Eau Claire does not.
  • After the race, Titletown Brewery taps their 26.2 brew.  I usually can't stomach beer after a race, but this is Wisconsin.  I have to try.
  • Finally, the final mile is run on the perimeter of one of the most famous football stadiums in the country:

Sounds kind of epic to me!

Stay tuned for more regarding my experiences training for and running this race.

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