Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving Hike(aka Take A Dog To The Woods Day)

I opted out of a traditional Thanksgiving this year.  Instead, I took my mom hiking - and my uncle's dog (aka Puppy Girl) was so excited that we took her along too!  I'm happy that we did because she was hilarious to watch!
Between the long, steep hills and watching the pooch plow through piles of leaves I figured we'd be carrying her after a mile.  I was wrong!  Puppy Girl had more energy than Mom and I combined.  Of course, she did demand frequent water breaks!
She's such a good girl, she even posed for pictures!

After 3 miles of hiking and chatting we arrived back at the car.  Puppy Girl slept in Mom's arms the whole way home, so I guess we finally succeeded in tiring her out!

I think I see a new Thanksgiving tradition in the making!

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