Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A House of Divided Loyalty

Let me be clear - I am a Packers fan, but I also like the Oakland Raiders (they're my dad's favorite team).  Normally this isn't a problem as the two teams rarely play each other.  Today was all about divided loyalty since my two favorite teams played each other at Lambeau Field.

My dad, brother, The Husband and I set off around 11am and before we knew it, we were in Green Bay.  The last time I was at a Packer game it was freezing cold and the seats and the ground were covered in an inch of ice.  They don't call Lambeau Field the Frozen Tundra for nothing!  Today, on the other hand was practically tropical in comparison (high 30's-low 40's).

After parking the car, we joined the gigantic party that surrounds the stadium.  We stopped at an outdoor bar, grabbed a couple of beers, enjoyed some live music (good cover of Jesse's Girl, bad cover of Livin' On A Prayer) and people-watched.  Packer fans really do go all out!

Before long, it was time to head inside.
Dad & I
The stadium was much more 'alive' then the last time I was here.

Pre-game Warmup
Finally, it was game time!

Your Green Bay Packers!

By half time, it was pretty obvious what the end result was going to be.

Dad wasn't the happiest guy in the place, but he was still having a good time - despite the good-natured teasing from the people around us.

Frozen Foursome
The game continued on with a lot more Green Bay touchdowns, Raiders penalties, roaring fans, and some fun people-watching. 

Welcome to Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood

Note the ABSENCE of foamrubber cheese on my head

Raider Nation - Represent!

The sign says it all
The Packers are 13-0. The Raiders kind of embarrassed themselves. And I loved every minute of it!


Anonymous said...

I know nothing about football except that its the one where the ball isn't round. But I commend you for not having foam-rubber finger foods on your head :)

April said...

Love the update and as a fellow Packer's fan I am soo jealous. Would love to be at Lambeau Christmas Day! Glad you enjoyed yourself and you didn't freeze to death at the Frozen Tundra. 13-0...dare we hope?