Saturday, December 31, 2011

In The Rear View Mirror: 2011

2011 is almost over and it wouldn't be New Year's without a 'Year In Review' post!  Like any other year, 2011 had its high points and its low points. I ran. I raced. I traveled.  I did a ton of yoga. I blogged for a full year (blogiversary: 12/27). I also got off track, cried, and had a few meltdowns.  Overall, I think the positive far outweighed the negative - something I am truly grateful for.

So without further ado, here's my 2011 Year in Review!

Most Popular Post: Mountain Paradise - Day 2

Runner Up: Full Moon Half Marathon Recap

Honorable Mention: A Change of Perspective
*based on total number of page views

Favorite Race: Green Bay Marathon
-I trained for 18 weeks, ran 26.35 miles (instead of the standard 26.2 miles due to a mis-measured course) in 40mph wind gusts, and finished the race with a smile on my face and a deep sense of personal satisfaction.

Runner Up: Warrior Dash
-The race course was incredibly fun, but what really made this race amazing was doing it with my husband and our friends.
Honorable Mention: Full Moon Half Marathon
-I didn't even want to race that night, but ended up having the race of my life.

Most Fun Post To Write: Run With Me
-The post itself is nothing all that special, but I really had fun taking the pictures and planning the post while I was running.

Favorite Photo-Heavy Post: Mountain Paradise - Day 2

Runner Up: A House of Divided Loyalty
Honorable Mention: The Emerald City

Best Read of the Year:

Runner Up:
-Honorable Mention:

And now I just have one more order of business for 2011.  I'm running a 10k at noon today.  Wish me luck!

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April said...

Good luck on the race today!