Wednesday, June 1, 2011

National Running Day

I think there truly is a holiday for everything!  In the spirit of the day, I went for a run!

Distance: 4.01
Time: 39:44
Avg. Pace: 9:54 (*still hacking up weasels-yuck!*)

In other news, I officially registered for The Full Moon Half Marathon last night.  I did this race for the first time last year and although it was my second worst half marathon time ever, I really wanted another shot at.  Last year, I went to the starting line feeling queasy, went out too damn fast, got sick at Mile 6, and developed a really painful blister on my left arch around Mile 8.  Quite frankly, I want REVENGE on this course!  It's a rather hilly race and it's at night...which adds to the challenge.  As badly as things went last year, I remember thinking it was pretty cool to be running all alone by the light of a glo-stick.  Not to mention, it benefits an animal sanctuary, so it's for a cause that's very near and dear to my heart.  One of these days I'll have to share the story of how I came to be a rabbit lover with a running problem instead of just another girl who likes to run!

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