Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekly Recap

It's been a slow and lazy week in Rabbits & Runs land.  I ran a total of 7.94 miles due to a combination of torrential downpours (the water in my driveway was over my ankles) and pure laziness.  On a positive note, I finally made it out of bed early enough to run before work one day!  Could this be a turning point?

Run Statistics:

Total Distance: 4.71 miles
Time: 46:32
Avg. Pace: 9:53

Thursday: (aka The Day I Finally Ran Before Work)
Total Distance: 3.24 miles
Time: 31:26
Avg. Pace: 9:56

The rest of the weekend was spent digging around in the garden (photos coming soon) and hanging at my mom's house using her dryer and clothesline since my dryer committed suicide on Friday afternoon!  It may not have been a good weekend in terms of working out, but I was insanely productive, which is good.  My next training cycle starts tomorrow!  Stay tuned for details!

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