Friday, June 3, 2011

Current Score

The current score is:  Annoying Summer Cold: 2, Mary: 0.

I took yesterday off of running in hopes that a night of couch-laying and Paranormal State reruns would help me get rid of this cold.  I woke up this morning with big plans of grocery shopping and an easy 3 miles after work.  Not so much.  By the time I got home from Whole Paycheck Foods, made dinner (yay for spicy food that I could actually taste!), and let said spicy dinner digest I was out of energy.  Looks like another night of couch-laying and Paranormal State reruns for me.  Oh well, at least the bunnies seem happy that they get more play time tonight!


On the agenda for tomorrow is the 3 miles I've been trying to do for the last two days, a trip to the gym to start my new strength training program, and more yard work. 

I'm actually kind of excited to start the new strength program.  Normally I whine and find lots of excuses to avoid going to the gym to lift weights.  I have nothing against weight lifting (meaning that I'm not terrified of developing man muscles or anything), but I just find it incredibly boring.  I'm hoping that my new plan will change that.  Tomorrow I'm going to try Iron Yoga.  It pretty much looks like yoga (which I love) mixed with weights (which I have a love/hate relationship with).  I'll let you know how it goes!

What do you prefer: gym workouts or outdoor workouts?

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