Monday, June 6, 2011

Chakras and Spotted Cows

Today was an interesting day.  I woke up feeling like death warmed over, so I called in sick to work and spent the majority of they day laying on the couch (and being greatly amused by two rabbits hanging out in the bathroom - I think they like the cool tile floor and the chill from the porcelain god) and resting. 

By the time 7:00pm rolled around I felt decent, so I decided to head for my yoga class.  I'm glad I did.  At the moment, the Dairy State is being gripped by 90+ degree temperatures which made the studio feel more like a hot yoga class than a normal class, but it was fun anyway.  Tonight's theme was the 7 Chakras.  Now, you're probably asking, "What the hell is a chakra?"  I'll tell you. The 7 chakras are energy sources within the body and each chakra is stimulated or opened by different yoga poses.

I'm not entirely sure I buy into the whole chakra thing, but it was interesting try to visualize and channel energy through each of them during class.

After class, my yoga buddy and I hit up a local establishment for a couple of drinks (New Glarus Spotted Cow in my case) and a snack.  It was interesting to hear someone who works in the same field I do talk about how much she doesn't want to do it anymore. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who dreams of kicking the desk job to the curb some day!  Her dream is to open up a bakery. Mine...well, I'm still working on the dream, but at the moment I think it has to do with the whole mind/body fitness thing (i.e. a yoga studio) and my developing love affair with the great outdoors.  I know the old saying goes, "Do what you love and you'll probably starve," but hey...Bill Gates did what he loves and look how it worked out for him!

Do you love what you do, or do you dream of doing something else?  If so, what do you dream of doing?

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