Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yoda Was Right

Yoda had it right. "Do, or do not...there is no try."

Last week was not a good week in the training department.  I could make excuses about crappy weather, not feeling particularly well, and a bunch of stuff that I'm not willing to discuss on the blog being at fault for my lack of working out, but I'm not going to.  It was a garbage in/garbage out week and the only person to blame is me and the only person who can fix the problem going forward is me.

So far, this week has been better.

I made it to yoga last night (Icy roads just meant leaving home earlier and driving slower) and I'm glad I did.  This week there was no theme, it was a "just go with it" kind of night. So, I did!  I enjoyed learning some new poses (Hammock, Bound Half Lotus Seated Angle) and taking other poses deeper (Lateral Angle, Plow).  The relaxation/mediation part really seemed to help me last night.  For the first time in days, my mind was actually quiet.   I had  no idea how badly I needed that silence until I found it.

Tonight was a bit more energetic.  I hit the treadmill (we got another 6 inches of snow and ice over the last two days) for 3 miles and then I spent about 20 minutes in the studio working my abs, doing push ups and playing with a few yoga poses.  My yoga studio doesn't have mirrors because my teacher wants us to learn to feel the poses, to trust our bodies, etc.  I'm a curious little thing and I wanna know if what I'm doing looks even close to what the teacher demonstrates.  Fortunately, the studio at the gym is lined with mirrors and I had the place to myself.  Of course I had to do a few poses to see what I look like doing them.  It turns out, trusting myself is good.  I looked right!

Distance: 3.0
Time: 30:21
Avg. Pace: 10:07

Yeah, the run was a little slow, but tonight was about being there and doing it.  Not speed.

However, on a speedier note, I just obtained a pair of these beauties:

The adiZero Tempo.  These shoes are a lot thinner (less cushioned) and lighter than my normal running shoes and they're a lot of fun to run in...and kind of murder on the calves!  Mr. Furball owns a similar pair of running shoes and raves about them, so when I found a pair for dirt cheap, I had to give them a try.  Our Saturday night date involved 5-ish miles of run/walking (these shoes take some serious getting used to).  Yep, you heard me...we had a running date.  I guess that's what happens when both halves of a couple like to run!
Do you and your significant other work out together?  What's your favorite date night?

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