Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time Flies

Wow.  I've been really bad at updating.  I keep meaning to write a post, but by the time I get home from work, work out, eat and play with the bunnies I end up falling into bed and promising myself that I'll "do it tomorrow."  Tomorrow has come!

A quick recap of runs since my last post:

Wednesday, Feb. 9
Distance: 3.0 (on the treadmill)
Time: 31:00
Avg. Pace: 10:19
*can you tell I just wasn't feeling it?

Thursday, February 10
This work out was a lot of fun.  A long-time friend of mine wanted to run, so I agreed to meet her at 'The Track' for her first run since high school (it's been well over a decade since we graduated).  Since I needed to get in more mileage, I got there early and knocked off 3 miles before she got there.  After that, I ran/walked her first mile with her and then she proved just what a rock star she is.  She did two more miles at her pace and I did three more at mine.

Distance: 6.15 miles
Time: 57:23
Avg. Pace: 9:19

Run/Walk Stats:
Distance: 1.12 miles
Time: 13:45
Avg. Pace: 12:18

Then we celebrated in our usual fashion.  We went out for dinner and consumed copious amounts of fried eggplant, vegetarian pizza and beer/cocktails!  It was awesome and I hope we get to do it again soon!

Friday, February 11

Friday served to remind me why I drink beer and wine and have pretty much given up on vodka.  I had two cherry vodka and Diet Cokes and I don't really remember Mr. Furball driving me home.  Miraculously, I didn't get sick and I really wasn't too hungover on Saturday.

Saturday, February 12

The Husband and I went to a friend's birthday party.  Nothing says 41st birthday like a sledding party!  I haven't been sledding in a long time and had forgotten how much fun it is. There were a couple of younger kids (children of other friends) running around, so it was a pretty clean cut, All American good time...until we started spraying WD-40 on the sleds to make them faster!  The icing on the cake involved 6 adults army crawling down a sledding hill and then army crawling back up!  I'm pleased to say that I beat the boys, but my abs are still paying for it 3 days later!

Sunday, February 13

Long run day!  This weekend marked my return to double-digit long runs - a distance I haven't even thought about since late October. The weather pretty much required me to run outside as it was in the 40's!  Of course Epic Snowstorm + Warmer Temperatures = Sloppy Sidewalks (and lots of puddle-hurdling and re-routing to avoid un-jumpable puddles)!

Distance: 10.11
Time: 1:42:30
Avg. Pace: 10:07

I chased that long run with some yummy, spicy enchiladas and a side of extra thick and salty tortilla chips (mmm...best snack food ever).

Monday, February 14

Ah, yes...the day of commercialized love, over-crowded restaurants and ridiculous expectations.  Lucky for me, Mr. Furball and I really don't care about Valentine's day.  He worked late.  I spent V-Day with about 10 other girls in my yoga class.  This weeks theme was Self Love.  Most of the poses were designed to "open the heart center" and although it was kind of cheesy (even the instructor said so!), I left class feeling relaxed and open.


Freezing rain and some serious muscle soreness dictated that today was a rest day, so I made a dash to the local organic grocer to pick up some goodies for the bunnies (yes, my rabbits are spoiled beyond words) and made a nice dinner for Mr. Furball and I (pesto pasta with shrimp and mushrooms) and capped it off with a short walk (about 2.5 miles) around our neighborhood.

My plans for the rest of the night include such unglamorous activities as: cleaning the rabbit cage (and the rest of the living room), folding laundry and making my lunch for tomorrow.  Fortunately, my reward will be good.  I picked up some fresh strawberries (totally out of season, but miraculously on sale) today and plan on munching my way through them.

How was your V-Day?

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