Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow and the Super Bowl

Yep, it's snowing...again!  As if 18+ inches on Tuesday/Wednesday wasn't enough, mother nature is sharing another 3-6" with us today.  Blaaaaaah!  Today's run was a 9 miler which I had desperately hoped to do outside, but since a large portion of my route is still under 10 foot (yes...foot) high snow banks and the parts that are cleared are currently rather icy and covered with a fresh dusting of snow, I was relegated to the track.  I seriously didn't want to do it.  I stalled.  I moped.  I whined (online).  Fortunately, some lovely message board posters took the time to give me a swift kick in the ass and I headed to "The Track".

Once I was there, I was confronted by speed skaters and their minions everywhere!  The indoor track I use is part of an Olympic training facility and they're kind enough to let mere mortals like me use the track that surrounds their ice oval for a nominal fee.  The good: 9 miles of something to watch.  Those guys are insanely fast and the size of their legs blows me away.  Who knows, maybe in 2014 I'll find out that I got to watch the next great speed skating champion train.  The bad:  Spectators who felt a need to stand all over the track rather than sitting in the bleachers.  I felt really bad for a guy who collided with two teenagers who were wrestling around with each other.  Fortunately, the runner wasn't harmed and the teenagers found themselves body-checked by the runner.

Distance: 8.95 miles
Time: 1:31:00
Pace: 10:10

A little slower than I would have liked, but since I nearly didn't do it at all, I'll take it!

Once I got home, I made a quick fruit smoothie (fat free vanilla yogurt, organic banana, frozen fruit (mango, banana, pineapple, strawberry) blend), took a steamy hot shower and am now bouncing up and down with excitement for the Super Bowl to start.

If I haven't mentioned it before, I'm a Wisconsin girl, so obviously I want the Packers to win!!!!  (Note: Under NO circumstances will I ever wear foam rubber cheese on my head.)

I also think a Packer's win will make my marathon (97 days to go) that much more special since I get to do a lap of Lambeau (and will be far too tired to even think about trying to attempt a Lambeau Leap).

The snacks are in the oven and I'm pretty sure there's a beer in the fridge with my name on it!

Go Pack!

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