Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Yoga hurt yesterday and it hurts even more today!  The theme of last night's class was: Confidence & Strength.  Well, I was confident enough to try the advanced variations of all the poses and strong enough to hold them all, but apparently Confidence and Strength come with a price:  Pain!

I was already a little sore from Sunday's 9 miler, but add 75 minutes of yoga that had me using muscles I forgot I owned...I could barely walk down the stairs this morning.  Seriously, my legs felt like Jell-o!  I have declared today a rest day.

Some of last night's more interesting poses included:

Warrior Two:
But then...she had us incorporate Eagle Arms (just the arm portion of the next photo):
I'm waiting to hear back from my instructor as to the formal name of the craziest pose of the night.  I'm sure she mentioned it, but I was too busy trying not to fall over from the burning in my quads!

Tomorrow's plans include 3 miles (most likely on the treadmill since there's a wind chill warning) and a little strength training provided that I no longer feel like Jell-O!

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