Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Party Girl

I love to have fun. I love staying out late, drinking too much wine and dancing like a fool with my friends (aka The Usual Suspects).  My little training 'hiatus' has allowed me to indulge these loves - perhaps a little too much.

Last Saturday, The Husband and I attended a wedding, which lead to to me engaging in all the party girl behaviors above.  The ceremony was lovely.  The reception rocked!  The reception was held at the Harley Davidson Museum and the couple thoughtfully provided their guests with museum tickets to keep them occupied in the hours between the end of the ceremony and the beginning of the cocktail hour.  Of course, we took full advantage of that!

The museum features a replica of the first Harley-Davidson ever made as well as examples of all their bikes through the years.

The museum also has a number of customized Harley's on display - most of which are beyond tacky (I love really simple bikes).
Bling Bike

Playboy Bike
My favorite part of the museum, by far, was the interactive room.  A number of bikes, both old (1930's-1980's) and new (2012) were on display and visitors were more than welcome to sit on them.

The Husband went for a classic bike.
I went for the 2012 Fat Boy
Wonder if I can talk him into one?
 All in all, if you're in the area, the Harley Museum was a blast.  If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend checking it out!
After we finished up at the museum, it was party time!  At that point, the pictures stopped being pictures and became evidence - and in our group there's a standing rule: If you weren't there, you don't get to see the pictures!  Let's just say that I drank a bottle and a half of wine, danced my ass off, and stayed out until 3am! The exhaustion and the hangover were worth it, but I really need to start behaving myself again soon!

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