Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mountain Paradise - Day 3

 Day 1 (9 miles) and Day 2 (5 miles) left us a little worn out, so we decided to take it easy on our final day in the mountains.  After breakfast and the required game of fetch, we drove to Longmire, where I purchased a much needed hat since the part in my hair and my forehead were sunburned after Day 2's adventure!

After that, we headed across the Nisqually River suspension bridge in search of the Eagle Peak trail head.
Of course, I couldn't resist doing a little yoga!

The views from the bridge were gorgeous.

We quickly located the trail and began hiking.  We both knew we were not going to be doing the whole trail due to leg and time constraints, but it was fun to check it out and make plans to hike the whole thing (and the unmaintained trail past the saddle to the summit) the next time we're out here.

Expressing my love for all things Washington
After a little while, we turned back and drove up to Paradise for one more look at Rainier in all her glory.
 After a long last look, we climbed in our rental car and made our way back to the cabin for a relaxing afternoon of reading, soaking in the hot tub and of guessed it...fetch.

The next morning we packed up and headed back to Seattle for one more night before heading back to the real world. 

We're already planning to return in 2012.  And who knows, maybe someday we'll even decide to actually climb Mt. Rainier!

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Ingunn said...

It snowed up there last night!

Definitely a short summer season on the mountain this year, glad you got to make the most of it!

It would be exciting to follow your training and preparation for a summit climb! My husband climber Rainier (Emmons route, private climbing party) last summer and loved it - I'm too scared of heights to attempt it yet though. Maybe, someday. :)