Monday, October 10, 2011

I Survived Monday AND The Grocery Store

Obviously, I survived Monday at the office without being buried in an avalanche of paper.  How did I survive?  Mostly on this:
 And with a little help from my Tweeps. 

After driving my desk all day (and plowing through a monumental amount of paperwork), I stopped at the grocery store on the way home.  If you knew me in real life, you'd know that for me, going grocery shopping rates right up there with cleaning the toilet!  I don't mind trips to the local specialty market or the Whole Foods location downtown, but the regular old grocery store makes me nuts because a) Their produce sucks.  If you can find an unbruised, undamaged, non-rotting piece of produce, you can rest assured that it will be inedible within 48 hours.  b) For some reason, every temper-tantrum having child in a 30 mile radius seems to be there whenever I am! c) I can never find everything I'm looking for.  Half the time they're out of what I want.

That said, my choices tonight were grocery store or cereal for dinner...and we were out of milk anyway, so I braved it!

See, I told you my refrigerator looked pathetic before I went shopping!
Before Grocery Shopping

 The After picture doesn't look much better.
However, if you look closer, there's now actual food in my house.  It's just hiding in the drawers/door/freezer/cabinet!

Good God, that's a lot of yogurt!
No wisecracks. I'm from Wisconsin.  I like cheese...a lot!
There will be more produce when I get to the specialty market tomorrow.
Walter & Spot's drawer - filled with organic greens and carrots
 Yes, the rabbits have their own produce drawer.  Yes, they're spoiled.  No, they wouldn't have it any other way!
Note: Clif Bars and GU qualify as their own food group during racing season.
After my adventures in grocery land, I decided to borrow shamelessly steal a dinner idea from the fine folks over at

Ingredients for Semi-Homemade Tofu Pad Thai
While the end result tasted okay, the process of getting there was a little, um, frustrating.  First of all, do not believe the side of the box with regard to soaking the noodles (25-30 minutes in very hot tap water).  I soaked those things for half an hour and they were still hard as rocks.  Fine.  Nothing that 8 minutes of microwaving couldn't fix.  Next, I will never buy this brand of tofu again.  It started crumbling when I pulled it out of the package and started completely falling apart when I pressed it.  Anyway, once I got everything into the pan (along with a scrambled egg), I added the sauce that came with the noodles.  It was kind of bland, but it got better with the addition of some sweet chili sauce.  I would have taken a picture of the final product, but it wasn't very pretty to look at and the overhead light in my kitchen seems to be having a wiring issue, so it wouldn't have photographed well anyway.

For the remainder of the night (about 30 minutes before I crash into my bed), I'm going to try to make some more progress on the book I started reading on vacation and give the rabbits their nightly pile of greens.

What are you reading right now?

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