Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Busy Bee

So much to do.  So little time to do it in.  It's been a busy day in Rabbits & Runs land.

I'm officially 10 days away from the Warrior Dash and my 'To-Do' list isn't getting any smaller.  Actually, I have 2 'To Do' lists.  One is the stuff that absolutely has to get done (make group t-shirts, clean the house before the bunny sitter arrives, and work stuff that has to be done so I can take a day off) and the other is more of a list of stuff I'd like to get done, but won't have a meltdown if it's not done.

In the interest of having more free time to get stuff done after work (and because I develop a serious case of Don't Wanna Run around 5pm every day), I ran before work again this morning. It was a cool, breezy 60 degrees when I headed out to do my interval workout.  I think I've mentioned it before, but I'll say it again: I hate speed training, but I love the results!  This morning's workout consisted of 6 400 meter intervals (6x400) with 1 minute of rest between intervals.  It went well.  Really well.  My usual statistics don't really do it justice (since total time and distance also include the 1 minute rest periods).

Distance: 2.14 miles
Time: 21:50
Avg. Pace: 10:13

Seems pretty pedestrian, right? I thought so too. Then I looked at the average pace of each 400 meter interval and started getting excited.

Interval 1: Avg. Pace: 8:25
Interval 2: Avg. Pace: 8:06
Interval 3: Avg. Pace: 7:55
Interval 4: Avg. Pace: 8:06
Interval 5: Avg. Pace: 8:30
Interval 6: Avg. Pace: 7:35

I know, the strangest things make me happy, but it put me in a good mood all day and that good mood translated into hyper-productivity at work and I actually knocked a few things off the 'Absolute To Do' list.  Adding to my happiness was the fact that no idiot drivers tried to maim me today!  I'll take it!

Now I'm off to do a few more small 'Absolute' items and then it's bed time.  I'm going to attempt to get out of bed and run again in the morning.

Are you a 'To Do' list person?

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