Sunday, March 2, 2014

Swim, Bike, Indulge (And My 200th Post!)

According to the calendar, spring is just around the corner, although the view out my window makes me think that winter will never end.  As much as I would like to continue hiding on the couch, that's not going to help me much once racing season comes around, so I decided to make this week all about getting ready for spring training.

Of course the first thing that happened was waking up Monday morning and feeling like I got run over by a truck.  I caved in, called in sick, and spent the day under a blanket and sleeping.

I felt much better Tuesday morning - which is good since it was my 34th birthday!  I picked up bagels for the office and spent the day plowing through some projects at work.  My original plan for after work was to go to the track and pick up sushi, but when Mr. R&R suggested going out for a nice dinner, I was sold! We dressed up a little and headed to Le Reve for what may be the best birthday dinner I've ever had.

We started with escargots for an appetizer:
We both tried the evening's specials for our main courses:

My Main Course: Cassoulet

Mr R&R's Main Course: Sweet Breads and Scallops
And of course, no trip to Le Reve is complete without dessert!
Opera Torte and Dessert Du Jour

Wednesday was about getting back to business.  After work, I made a trip to the grocery store and headed down to The Cave for 30 minutes of Pump & Burn.  I wasn't feeling lifting heavy things, so I dropped my weights a little and had a great workout.

I was a little short on time on Thursday night, so I jumped on the trainer for 30 minutes with the goal of riding each mile faster than the previous one until time ran out - and I succeeded!
On Friday I finally did what I've been saying I was going to do - I went to the pool.  I keep telling myself that Friday night is going to be Swim Night, but I end up staying home or going out for beers because the thought of having to go outside with wet hair post-swim just sounds so unappealing.  I finally sucked it up and went.  Going in, I had no real plans other than to swim for 30 minutes.  It ended up being better than I'd expected.  The water was a toasty 83 degrees, I had a lane to myself, and I knocked out 1000 yards in those 30 minutes.  I even found myself trying to tackle some of my bad swim habits.  Post-swim, I stopped by the market to pick up greens for Walter and Spot and ended up buying a bottle of wine on impulse (the label reminded me of last summer's trip to North Carolina) - and getting carded! I guess there's something to be said about a willingness to stop into a high end market in sweat pants, no make up, and a messy ponytail.

I woke up later than planned on Saturday, but despite a slow start and a rather ominous looking forecast, I ended up driving down to Chicago to meet up with my fellow bloggers/twitter pals Megan and Anastasia.  The three of us went ice skating at Millennium Park:
Took the requisite selfie in The Bean (which is actually a sculpture called the Cloud Gate):
And hoofed our way up Michigan Avenue to the John Hancock Building where we rode the elevator to the 94th floor and were treated to spectacular views of the city:

I wish I could have hung out with them longer, but since the forecast called for some pretty hideous snow (and I really hate driving in the stuff), I headed home just as the snow flurries were starting.

Saturday night was spent watching Spot "camp" in his tent.  He gets very territorial when he's in there.  If I put my hand on the floor in front of him, he uses his nose and front paws to push it out! 

This is my tent. No humans allowed!
Sunday started with a leisurely stroll up the street for breakfast:
and will be followed by: laundry, cleaning up after the camper above (he dug out his litter box overnight), work, a trainer ride, and dinner with Dad and the rest of the family...including Tiny Nephew!

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

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