Sunday, March 23, 2014

Final Week Of The Off Season

This week was the beginning of what will likely be two very challenging weeks at work.  My immediate boss is on vacation, so I'm doing my best to fill in for her.  I'm pretty sure I can do it, but I'm absolutely petrified that I'm going to forget/mess something up! It's also my last week to get my act together before I start training for the spring/summer racing season, so fitting all my workouts in was also really high on my priority list.

Monday started with a minor freakout that there was no way in hell that I was going to be able to get everything done at work, but somehow it all worked out in the end and I escaped from the office by 5:30pm.  After a quick stop at home to check the contents of my refrigerator (since I utterly failed at getting to the grocery store over the weekend), Mr. R&R and I drove out to the market to restock Walter and Spot's stash of greens and to pick up a few basics for ourselves as well.  I knew I still needed to workout (Pump and Burn) when I got home and honestly, I really didn't feel like cooking tonight, so when the deli gals pulled some fresh wine and herb chickens out of the rotisserie, I was sold!
After dinner, I packed up my food and everything else I'd need for Tuesday, played with the bunnies for a bit, and hit the hay early.

Could someone please inform Mother Nature that it's March and that this sort of thing is not acceptable!
That said, I had no desire whatsoever to go run in circles at the track Tuesday night, so I piled on the layers, fired up my Garmin, and hit the road for 3 cold and windy miles.  Apparently I should run in the cold more often - I run faster!
By the time I got home, all I wanted was a nice, hot dinner.  Fortunately, I'd thawed out some leftover Snobby Joes and they were just as good the second time around - especially when chased with a chocolate raspberry protein milkshake.
Wednesday and Thursday were forced rest days due to my work schedule, but the eats were good!

Friday involved a whole lot of work followed by a whole lot of beer.  I probably should have worked out, but this is my last weekend before training really starts, so I gave myself a break knowing soon I will have to prioritize swim/bike/run over beer.

Saturday was truly a day of leisure. I got a massage (and thought I was going to pass out when he hit a trigger point in my right shoulder) which I really needed and went shopping with my mom - and came home to find that Mr. R&R had done all the laundry and cleaned the house!  I seriously don't know what I did to deserve him!   I also registered for a new-to-me race that I've been considering for a while...the offer of a free entry courtesy of the tri team helped me decide to go for it!

Sunday was the TriWisconsin kick off party, marking the official beginning of our season.  It was nice catching up with some of my fellow Newbie Herd (now known as the TriWI Class of 2013) and the Iron Cheerleader.  Of course, in true Iron Cheerleader fashion, he roped us into volunteering - because he wants help with his incoming herd!  I also picked up my team "shirt" for the year:
and I acquired a long-sleeved thermal shirt, which is going to be really helpful since I don't have too many long sleeved base layers.
I guess that all this can only mean one thing: Time To Train!


Anonymous said...

I love those rotisserie chickens! My "season" starts the first week of May so I suppose I should start pushing myself.

Mary said...

Cheater chickens are awesome...and always push yourself!