Sunday, February 24, 2013

Puddle Jumper

Another week of trying. Another week of partially succeeding. I may not have gotten in the desired number of workouts, but I did do two things I've been meaning to do for quite a while!

Monday, February 18:  Little Sister and I were supposed to have dinner together a week ago, but at the last minute, something came up and she wasn't able to make it.  We rescheduled for tonight - and she brought a last minute addition: her boyfriend (I really need to come up with a blog name for him).  This led to a little last minute scrambling on my part: setting an extra place, making a bigger salad, and crossing my fingers that the pasta dish I'd made would go far enough; but in the long run it all worked out and I got what you all really want anyways: Mason pictures!!!!!

Snuggling with Mr. R&R

Rocking his hoodie
After our guests left, I had just enough time to squeeze in a quick 30 minute ride on the trainer which went really well.  Between hosting guests and working out, I was exhausted and passed out by 11:00pm.

Tuesday, February 19: Wicked day at the office. It was one of those days where you feel like any time you complete a task, six more take its place - oh and the clock is moving at triple speed.  Before I knew it, it was after 5:00, so I quickly changed into my running clothes (Yes, I closed my office door first.) while simultaneously sending emails and tying up some loose ends, made a quick pit stop at home to drop off my bag, and drove over to The Track.  That's right...I finally made it there!  After standing in line for what felt like forever, I didn't have a lot of time to run since I had promised Mr. R&R that I would be home by 6:45 so we could run errands.  I made the most of the 24-ish minutes I had. If my foot pod data is correct (which I'm not entirely sure), I ran those miles at a pace I didn't think I'd be seeing any time soon.  Of course, now I want to go back there and see if I have another speed burst!

Proof that I actually went!

I swear the lanes get more narrow every time I go!

Wednesday, February 20: 9+ hours at work. Rabbits in dire need of fresh greens. Laundry basket overflowing with workout clothes in need of washing.  Rest Day.

I ran in my normal shoes (AdiZero Tempo) last night and my knee felt perfectly normal today!
I seriously love these shoes.
 Thursday, February 21:Lazy-itis struck.  I may not have worked out, but I did make a tasty dinner.

Pesto Pork Chop w/ Mozzarella, Garlic and Olive Oil Cous Cous & Steamed Veggies
And I folded the ginormous basket o' running clothes - with assistance from my little "helper".

Friday, February 22: We got about 4 inches of snow between Thursday night and Friday morning, so that made for an interesting morning commute.  Fortunately the roads were much better when I left work, because I had about 30 minutes to change my clothes, fix my face, and get to a party celebrating a friend's new job.  I spent the night alternating between beer and Diet Coke, nibbling on some of the best fried mushrooms I've ever eaten, and laughing my ass off.

Saturday, February 23: Yeah...I shouldn't drink beer and stay out late...but sometimes it's worth it.  Last night was definitely worth it. We got a few things done around the house and then had a nice evening at home.

Sunday, February 24: 34 degrees + sunny + no wind = I RAN 5 MILES OUTSIDE!!!!!!!  Can you tell I'm a little happy about that?  The only really bad part was having to jump over icy, slushy puddles. Inevitably, I couldn't quite leap all the way over some of them, so I ended up with some icy water seeping into my shoes.  Somehow, I'm not nearly as inclined to try to hurdle over puddles in summer - I just go crashing through them. Maybe it's the difference between warm and frigid water? Oh, and I cursed the handful of home/business owners who don't feel that city snow removal ordinances apply to them, but overall it was a fantastic run - even if it wasn't fast. I may even have a mild case of sun/windburn on my face!

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