Saturday, February 18, 2012

Branching Out

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that I've been alluding to and *bouncing* about a purchase for the last week and I've dropped a few hints on the blog: here, here, and here.  I'm finally ready to spill my guts about 'IT'.

At the end of my Expo Run Recap , I mentioned making a non-running clothes purchase.  That purchase was this:

CycleOps Mag Trainer
The only problem now I had a magnetic trainer and nothing to put in it.  That was rectified today when I picked up my brand new Trek Lexa road bike!

I ordered it a week ago and then spent over an hour with the wonderful guys at the Emery's as they tweaked and fine tuned the bike for me.  I was thrilled by the attention I received, especially since I was purchasing an entry-level bike, not a crazy expensive high-end bike.  They busted out a laser level and a crazy contraption that measured the angle of my knee!  The gentleman that helped me out was extremely patient with me - showing me how to change a flat, how to shift, and generally giving me tips maximizing my riding experience.  I really can't say enough good things about the whole experience. I may know a whole lot about running, but when it comes to cycling, I'm pretty much qualified to ride without training wheels and that's it!

Please excuse the ugliness that is my basement, but here she is, all mounted in the trainer with a climbing block under the front wheel.

I'm beyond excited to start riding - as soon as I buy some bike shorts.  (My bootie is s.o.r.e. from an hour in the saddle today with no padding.)

Of course, I didn't just get the bike to ride it inside on a trainer.  I bought it so I could pursue my goal of branching out into multi-sport events this year, so to that end, I'm officially training for the South Shore Rock n Ride Duathlon in June.  The event consists of a 2 mile run, a 10 mile ride, and another 2 mile run.  I know that the running distances aren't going to be a problem, but I think that going from running, to riding, to running again will be an interesting experience - and I'm sure I'll be over-sharing it here.


April said...

I kinda figured the hinted item was going to be bike related, just intuitive I guess. Have you thought about changing the seat (at least for home use)? They make what I call 'big butt seats' with lots of gel padding. You wouldn't want it for racing, but home use might be alright. I'm not sure if it would impact movement though, that's something to check out.

Do you have aspirations to do a triathlon? Though I guess you do if you ever want to compete in an Ironman competition!

Have fun with your new toy!

Mary said...

The guy at Emery's suggested that I reserve judgement on the seat until I've been riding outside for at least a month, so that's my plan (and switching the seat out can be expensive).

I do have triathlon aspirations, but am taking that journey one step at a time. Ironman is definitely not in my immediate future - more of a pipe dream than anything. If I end up liking the tri someday, I'll probably cap out at the 1/2 iron distance for the sake of my sanity!

BeringSeaJunkie said...

Ohhh... you got a bike!! Excellent stuff :)

I love bike riding, leisure stuff though, nothing note worthy serious... used to bike 3 miles every day to and from my school bus stop! Not that you'd think it to look at me now though!

I own a bike... but confess in the 18 months of said ownership I've not ridden it... but I will... I will... I will...

Yeah, blatently trying to convince myself more than you there!!

Look forward to the blog posts about the mixed competitions, they sound like fun, definitely think the transition from running, riding and back to running will be interesting!! :)

Megan said...

I love bike riding! In fact I'm gonna go kick my little brother's ass into gear to fix my bike. He had it leaning against something in the shed and he bent the rim. He gets to pay for it though!

You've inspired me to start biking again! Though mine is a mountain bike...don't think I could do a dualatholn! Good luck with that!!

Anonymous said...

Thats really cool! I can't ride a bike! I always fall, lol. Just never had much chance to learn I guess. I do use the stationary bike at the fitness center and even the seat on that is uncomfortable so I can imagine. And you know, I never knew they made padded shorts! Thats awesome!

Mary said...

You can definitely do a duathlon on a mountain bike. I look forward to reading about your biking adventures!

Mary said...

18 months and you've never taken it for a ride? What are you waiting for? Get on it!

Mary said...

I never knew how many kinds of bike shorts were out there until I went shopping! There are also gel-seat covers to make stationary bikes more comfortable.

Elizabeth said...

this is awesome!!!! did I tell you I got new wheels for Christmas? Not the wheels I was hoping for :) I got a trek bike, so I guess I need to start riding a bike, right?

Mary said...

Does this mean I have a riding buddy once it warms up?