Monday, May 23, 2011

Something Old, Something New

It's officially been a week since the marathon.  The medal is hanging on my bling rack.  My body has (mostly) recovered.  The logical question is: What's next?  Here's my (sort of) answer: A mix of the same old stuff and some new stuff! 

The next race on my calendar is The Warrior Dash in July (although a 5k or two may find their way onto my calendar before that).  This 3 mile mud run/obstacle course looks a little intimidating, but I'm determined to go into it in the best possible condition, so I'll be adding trail running to my repertoire along with some strength training.  To that end, the husband and I visited our favorite running store, acquired trail shoes and hit the trails the next day. 

My new trail shoes!
Adidas Supernova Riot
We ran together for most of the trail, but about a mile from the end, some residual muscle aches reared their head, so I sent his speedy tail on ahead and jogged out the rest.  Fortunately, there's no shame in being a little slower on trails (as opposed to roads).  It was nice being on a mostly soft (rocks and roots not withstanding) dirt trail and I enjoyed being able to watch trees go by instead of cars!

Total Distance: 4.78 miles
Time: 57:48
Avg. Pace: 12:05

So trail running is the something new.  The something old is yoga.  Tonight marked my return to yoga after a 2 week hiatus and it felt amazing.  Up until tonight I had seriously been considering giving up yoga for the summer, but after tonight's class I realized that yoga is probably a big part of why I was able to remain relatively injury-free while training for Green Bay and that it would probably serve me well to continue.  I am, however, planning to move up to a more advanced class in early July.  My current class is beginning to feel a bit repetitive and I think I'm ready for the challenge.

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