Monday, May 15, 2017

#*$*-ing Tree Pollen (Steelhead Build: Week 3)

I apologize for not posting yesterday.  I felt so worn out from my allergies that I couldn't bring myself to stare at a computer screen.  Fortunately, I feel much better after some good drugs and a solid night's sleep.  Full speed ahead.

In Week 3 I had 3 good rides, 1 swim (where I seriously thought I was going to puke in the pool) and 1 long run (where I actually did puke) - and it wasn't entirely from the effort I was putting forth.  It seems that spring has finally arrived in Wisconsin, and with it has come an incredibly high level of tree pollen.  Me + Tree Pollen = Dreadful Allergy Issues.

I'll spare you the details, but all the drainage has wreaked havoc on my ability to breathe through my nose and my throat has been a scratchy, coughing mess.  The only place I felt somewhat decent this week was on the bike.

Pretty = Pollen

My only swim of the week wasn't too bad until I started trying to swim sprints.  I think the combination of sinus issues and sucking in chemical-heavy air led me to have some serious acid-feelings in my throat.  I paused, caught my breathe, and made peace with having to slow down so I could finish my swim - and keep my dinner down.

The weather was absolutely beautiful on Saturday (70-ish, sunny, light breeze) and I took my long run outside.  I think I wasn't quite ready for how warm it was - and how hard it was to breathe.  The run was a mix of good miles and dog pile miles (and a brief stop to toss my cookies behind a bush).  At least the views were pretty!

Next week is a step back week and I have plans to do a mock-triathlon/triple brick on the weekend - that should be interesting!

Week 3 Stats:

Swim:    2200 yards (1.25 miles)
Bike:      34.23 miles
Run:       8.04 miles
Strength: 1 Session (30min)

Total Time:        5 hours, 40 minutes
Total Distance:  43.52 miles

Cumulative Distance: 876.25 miles - about the distance from Milwaukee to Cheyenne, Wyoming!

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