Sunday, May 7, 2017

Embracing The Pain (Steelhead Build: Week 2)

This week's performance was a vast improvement over last week, but it sure did pile on the pain.

*Rest Day

I'm not sure that running errands counts as resting, but at least it didn't involve piling miles on my body - and I had time to make a reasonable dinner.

*AM: Bike: Givens (60min)
*PM: Training

These VO2 max intervals made my legs burn - especially at 5:30am.

That night, I had a ridiculous craving for a cheeseburger and as I expected, my trainer beat it right out of me.  Fortunately, Mr. R&R had dinner ready when I got home.

*AM: Run 40min (w/ 18x30 second speed intervals)
*PM: Run 40min (w/ 18x30 second speed intervals)
          Swim: 2100yds (speed intervals)

The 5am wake up didn't happen today, so I had to run after work and before Mr. R&R and I went to the pool.  While I wasn't thrilled to have to pull a back to back workout (since it beats the hell out of me), the weather was about perfect so I headed out.  Of course, stupid me decided that it was a good idea to run a loop instead of an out and back, so I overshot it by a mile and change and ended up with a long walk home - at least the scenery on the walk was nice!

The swim, was, predictably hard.  It was probably made harder by the fact that I've been a bit remiss in the swim department for two weeks.  I was nearly asleep on my feet by the time we made it home.

*AM: Bike: Deerhorn (60min)
*PM: Appointment with The Mane Wrangler

Wednesday's late swim/late to bed made my alarm damn near invisible on Thursday morning - and the rescheduling of workouts began.  At least I got wine and my hair no longer scares me!  I came home, scarfed some dinner, and went to bed.

*AM: Run 50min (w/ hill intervals)
*PM: Run 50min (w/ hill intervals)
         Bike: Deerhorn (60min)

Since the bike will make up of the majority my half ironman, I really don't want to miss any more bike workouts.  Deerhorn was another sweat and pain fest.  My legs hated me after that one...a lot.  A burger and a beer were in order after that.

*AM: 40min Run (steady)
*PM: Brick: Phoenix (90min) + 20min Run

I moved Sunday's "long run" to Saturday morning knowing that I was going to attempt to make up the 50 minute hill run and do a long swim on Sunday.  I hitched a ride to the gym with Mr. R&R and ran on the treadmill while his trainer beat on him - followed by errands, coffee, and breakfast.

It was after 7pm before we hauled it down to The Cave for his and hers brick workouts.  I've been listening to a podcast called S-Town (absolutely fascinating) and made it through almost 2 full episodes between the bike and the run.  Dinner was wolfed down at 10pm and sleep followed shortly.

*AM: Swim: 2500yards (steady)
*PM: Run 50min (w/ hill intervals)

Holy crap 2500 yards is a project of a swim. Granted, 500 of it was split between the warm up and cool down, but 2000 yards of continuous swimming is hard work.  It took almost 1000 yards for me to find my rhythm - and it was a really slooooowwwwww rhythm.

As soon as I got out of the pool, I knew that the 50 minute run was not happening.  My legs no longer wanted to support me, my knees ached, and pretty much every muscle in my body was protesting its basic existence. I have no desire to get injured, so I think I need to accept that some things just aren't worth it.  My 90 minute massage, on the other hand, was totally worth it - even if I was wincing when she dealt with some stellar knots in my quads.

Overall I'm really pleased with how this week went.  I ate pretty well and got in the majority of my planned workouts.  Now I just need to figure out how to get more sleep!

Week 3 Stats:

Swim:    4600 yards (2.61 miles)
Bike:      44.13 miles
Run:       10.38 miles
Strength: 1 session (30min)

Total Time:        7 hours, 23 minutes
Total Distance:  57.12 miles

Cumulative Distance: 832.73 miles - roughly the distance between Milwaukee and Concord, NH.

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