Sunday, April 9, 2017

Post & Run (Steelhead Base: Week 6)

 Week 6 was a tough one.  Nothing went according to plan, so a couple of things got moved around and one workout got skipped altogether.  Blergh!

*Rest Day

This was the easiest day of the week, and I had no problem planting myself on the couch!

*AM: Bike: Mills (60min)
*PM: Training Bike: Mills (60min)

I was a big pile of fail on Tuesday morning.  I don't know what happened, but all week I struggled to get out of bed no matter how much sleep I got.  Fortunately, my trainer was willing to reschedule our appointment to Saturday morning so I was able to get my bike ride in on Tuesday night.

*AM: 50min Run (w/ 10x30 speed intervals)
*PM: 1900yd Swim (speed intervals) 50min Run (w/ 10x30 speed intervals)

My inability to get out of bed really started pissing me off today.  I was not about to run for almost an hour and then swim, so I resigned myself to rescheduling this swim to Friday and moving Friday's planned swim to Sunday.  And I still can't seem to count intervals correctly!  I really need to get around to pre-programming these things.

*Bike: Tray Mountain (90min)

90 minutes on the trainer...ouch!  This ride was no joke.  It was 3x20 minutes of near FTP effort, mostly in aero, and holy hell...yeah.

*AM: 40min Run (w/ 4x20 hill sprints)
*PM: 40min Run (w/ 4x20 hill sprints)
          1900yd Swim (speed intervals)

The not waking up streak continues.  My run was actually quite pleasant - except for the hill sprints, but those always suck!  The pool was a whole other story.  I wasn't aware that lap swimming was a contact sport, but it became one tonight!  Long story short: A guy decided to violate basic swim etiquette rules, got in my way, and instead of leaving (which is what he seemed to want) I body-checked him!  I had some of my fastest 100's ever, but the workout as a whole felt completely off, I rested far more than I should have and ended up having to cut it 50 yards short because the pool was closing.

*AM: Training Session
*PM: Brick: Phoenix (90min) + 20min Run 35min Run

I may have been running on 6 hours of sleep and no coffee, but that didn't matter to my trainer!  She was nice enough to count reps for me (she knows I can't count without coffee), but she still beat me up.  My favorite move was holding plank on an aerobic step (one riser on either side), then going into forearm plank, stepping my hands off the step, doing a tricep pushup, and then stepping my hands back up to regular plank.  It was hard, but it was one of those movements that make you feel like a total badass.

Post-training, Mr. R&R and I grabbed coffee and breakfast, ran a few errands, and laid around for a while.  Today's workout was supposed to be a brick, but the forecast for Sunday made it look like an outdoor bike ride was possible, so Sunday's "long" run was moved to Saturday in hopes of not having to ride on the hamster wheel for 90 minutes!  Mr. R&R was about as interested in this run as I was, so we agreed to slog it out together.  I'm glad he was with me, or I would have walked a lot more than I did!

*Brick: Phoenix (90min) + 20min Run 90 min OUTDOOR bike ride

Oh how I've missed riding outside. The sun. The sound of wind.  Actually moving instead of spinning in place.

The ride to and from the trail was nice and easy, but the miles on the trail were a pretty good speed.  I think this may be the fastest 'first outside ride' I've ever had and although my speed still needs to grow, my average cadence was dead on!

The 20 minute run was sacrificed so that Mr. R&R and I could meet his parents for brunch.  In this case: Beer + Tacos > Running.

I'm not thrilled that I missed a swim and had to juggle my schedule so much this week.  I'm going to be making a concerted effort to get to bed earlier and hopefully have a better Week 7.

Week 6 Stats:

Swim:     1850 yards (1.05 miles)
Bike:       48.70 miles
Run:        13.41 miles
Strength: 1 Session (30 min)

Total Time:        7 hours, 17 minutes
Total Distance:  63.16 miles

*Cumulative Distance: 619.8 miles - approximatley the distance from Milwaukee to Wichita, Kansas.

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