Sunday, April 16, 2017

Blogging Bunnies (Steelhead Base: Week 7)

Hi there...Walter and Spot here.  Since our mom wasn't very good about working out this week, we've decided to take over her blog and tell you all about Walter and Spot Day (We think this is the holiday that you humans call "Easter" or something like that) and about our dad's birthday!

Let's start with our dad's birthday.  From what we can tell, when humans turn 40 it's a big deal.  His actual birthday wasn't until Saturday, but instead of putting on those ridiculous spandex outfits and then coming home smelling like bleach, Mom and Dad got dressed up, put us in our house, and said they were going out for a 'nice' dinner.  We're not sure what was so nice about it since we weren't there, but they seemed pretty happy when they got home.

Mom said that they split a bottle of Cabernet (which we think is code for: mom was lit up like a Christmas tree), and enjoyed lobster bisque as an appetizer.

She also said that dad ordered something called a New York Strip Steak with a Gorgonzola Truffle sauce and that she had the same kind of steak but hers was rubbed with Kona coffee and had a shallot butter sauce.  We don't understand what's so great about these things since we're raw vegans, but it seemed to make them happy.  We found these pictures on Mom's phone and we're assuming that these must be the aforementioned steaks.

We also found this picture of their dessert.  Dad said that it involved chocolate espresso cake and cheesecake - we still think bananas are superior.

On Saturday morning Dad went to the gym and mom hung out with us.  When he got back, they did their usual routine of drinking coffee, eating something called 'blueberry lemon scones' that Dad's parents dropped off while Dad was at the gym, and giving us our morning meds and breakfast.  We thought that maybe since today was Dad's actual birthday they'd stay home with us, but they put on some different ridiculous spandex outfits and left...for several hours!  We swiped Mom's phone again and figured out that they went out to ride their bikes...and stopped for cookies.

They came home (smelling awful!), made some sort of food called 'crab legs' (we couldn't find a picture), and hung out with us...finally!   We got to give Dad nose bumps to say Happy Birthday!

Today was the best day of the year for us: Walter & Spot Day!!!   Grandma Naner came over and she brought us a basket full of greens as a present! We were climbing over each other to get to it.

Naner also brought us bunny placemats.  We think it's her attempt to civilize us, but Mom will probably end up using them for her and Dad.

After the humans ate something called pizza Grandma Naner lived up to her name and gave us banana slices for dessert!

Now we're super tired from all the attention and treats, so we're going to eat dinner and go to sleep.  We hope you enjoyed Walter & Spot Day!

Oh...and we took a peek at Mom's training stats for the week...she got lazy!

Swim:     0 yards
Bike:       60.34 miles
Run:        4.81 miles
Strength: 1 session (30 minutes)

Total Time:        6 hours, 6 minutes
Total Distance:  65.15 miles

Cumulative Distance: 684.95 miles - that's the distance between Milwaukee and Bismarck, North Dakota!

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