Sunday, November 27, 2016

I Need Pre-Hab

What happens when you train almost nonstop from March through August?

A. You have get in great shape
B. You achieve monster PRs
C. You burn out and turn into a sofa spud

The answer is D: All of the Above

The Pinnacle of my 2016 Season

My return to triathlon was everything I ever could have hoped for and more, but by the time it was all over, I was exhausted.  The thought of doing anything swim/bike/run related sounded horrible.  I ran a little.  Hit the lake once (and had a fantastic swim). And couldn't even look at my bike without wanting to trade it in for something with fat tires and a squishy saddle.

Finally, when it stopped sounding awful and started sounding like what I wanted to do again, a bunch of stressful stuff started happening in my life, so rather than using sweat as a coping mechanism, I went for food/booze/tv/sleep.  Of course that lead to loss of fitness and a bit of weight gain since cheese and wine is far more comforting than water and a salad.  Some of the stuff that lead to my downward spiral is still going on and new stressful stuff is piling on, but it's time try a less self-destructive way to manage it - and I don't want to have to buy new pants!

I've already identified my 'A Race' for 2017 and in order to turn in an optimal performance, I need to get back in the pool/on the bike/running - and I have a plan.

My plan has 5 distinct phases and each phase is designed with one big goal in mind: CRUSH THE A RACE

The 5 phases are:
  • Pre-Hab (6 weeks)
  • Bike Power (8 weeks)
  • Race-Specific Base (6 weeks)
  • Race-Specific Build (6 weeks)
  • Specialty (8 weeks)

The Pre-Hab phase is designed to get me back in the rhythm of training 6 days a week, rebuild some of my lost fitness, and shed the excess baggage I'm currently carrying.
  • 2 runs per week
  • 2 trainer rides per week
  • 2 swims per week
  • 1 strength training session per week
  • Eat more 'clean' than 'dirty'
I'm probably a little insane for starting this in the weeks leading up to the biggest eating/gym-closing holidays of the year,  but if I wait for the 'perfect' time to start, I'll never do it - and my goal race is only 8 months away.

So do me a favor, if I start slacking, please give me hell in the comments!

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April said...

You are so much more dedicated than I am. That pre-hab is more like an advanced plan for me!