Sunday, February 21, 2016

Base Building: Round 2 - Week 2

R2W2 was a weird one.  Nothing particularly horrible happened, but it was one of those weeks where a series of small things go wrong and after a while it really starts to mess with your head.  I think this happens at least once in every training cycle, so it's not completely foreign to me - just really &*$% annoying.

My regularly scheduled rest day - and boy did I need it.  I was still really sore from Saturday's triple workout and I arrived at the office to discover (weird occurrence #1) that out of 16 people in the department: 3 had called in sick, 1 was so sick that I sent her home, 2 more left early because they felt so crummy, and 3 more were sick, but functional.  I spent my day feeling a bit like a kindergarten teacher; running around with Clorox wipes and a can of Lysol - and praying that I didn't catch whatever they all had! My lentil soup/stew was pretty good at lunchtime.  I didn't mind the 'stew-ish' texture, but I'm standing by the plan to add more balsamic vinegar next time.

By the end of the day all I wanted to do was go to bed.  Mr. R&R ended up having to attend a last minute business dinner, so I was on my own.  I contemplated picking up a sandwich from my favorite place, but I had all the stuff I'd spent time making on Sunday in the refrigerator, so I behaved myself and ate at home.  I scooped some of the mushroom rice into a bowl, stirred in some leftover crockpot chicken, added some freshly grated cheese, and threw the whole mess into the microwave.  I can't say it was the best thing I've ever eaten, but it did the job and let me spend most of the night on the couch with my Kindle.

Mr. R&R and I hit the pool after work for 1000 yards and the series of weird occurrences continued.  My Garmin (the 920xt) decided it didn't want to record all my laps - and thus messed with my /100 average.  I noticed the issue, swam a little extra to try to make the watch show the right yardage, but it kept coming up short!  Grrr. On the ride home, I googled the problem and it sounds like I'm not the first person to experience this nonsense.  There are a couple of possible fixes: stronger push off the wall, using my right arm to take my first stroke (since I wear my watch on my left arm), and trying to glide off the wall as long as possible.  I'll be implementing those on Friday.  Dinner was leftover mushroom rice and chicken - again.  The combination isn't bad, but it's not earth shatteringly amazing either.  I think the rice recipe needs some tweaking if I make it again.

Whatever plague is going around has continued to ravage my office.  This week has been a nonstop parade of: sanitizing workspaces, covering for those who are out, and trying to do my own job.  I seriously considered skipping tonight's bike workout when Mr. R&R suddenly had another work dinner to attend.  Eventually I convinced myself to put my book down and dragged myself down to The Cave.  Tunnabora was, as expected, 45 minutes of leg-burning sweatiness - with American Beauty as background entertainment.

Afterward, I made myself some macaroni and cheese and threw a meatloaf in the oven to bake for dinners later in the week.

Most of the office was back in today (with the exception of one who had to be sent home due to a positive strep test), so I was able to do more actual work, so that was good.  I got home later than planned and Mr. R&R and I packed ourselves off to the gym to run and lift. What a run - those splits made me beyond happy!  The whole thing was only 8 seconds off of PR pace.

Takeout was on the menu tonight - a stupid move - but a really tasty one.

I thought that perhaps the weird occurrences were done for the week. Nope. Friday morning started with a 5:30am text message from a sick minion, oversleeping, and then Mr. R&R broke the news: the coffee grinder had committed suicide.

My usual weekday morning routine looks something like this:

  • pour coffee just before walking out door
  • allow coffee to cool to drinkable temperature on the drive to work
  • consume half of coffee while checking email/getting situated for the day
  • consume remaining half of coffee over the course of the next hour
Obviously an emergency Starbucks run with my fellow coffee-addicted coworker (in windy, but unseasonably warm weather) was in order!  Once caffeinated, the rest of the day passed quickly and by 5pm I was on my way home. 

The initial plan was to lay on the couch with a book until Mr. R&R came home and we headed for the pool, but no sooner had I settled myself onto the couch, a text message had me hoofing up to the bar for a quick beer with Mr. R&R, Who-Ha, and another friend.  I can count on one hand the number of drinks I've had in the last 6 weeks, so I was careful to limit myself to one beer since I still needed to swim.  I'm not the most social creature on the planet, but it was nice to see people for a little while - the whole triathlon thing is kind of murder on your social life.

We got to the pool around 7:30pm and discovered that instead of the usual Rugrat Night in the exercise pool it was RUGRAT NIGHT ON STEROIDS. There was some sort of kid-related pool party going on and that meant that the locker room was a wasteland of puddles and dirty towels thrown everywhere.  The pool deck was overrun by kids and there was nowhere dry to put down our towels and keys.  Fortunately, there were no kids in the lap pool, so the workout was still able to happen.  My Garmin cooperated by registering all my laps, but my swim cap and googles decided to act up instead.  Within the first 100 yards, I could feel my cap creeping upward and trying to escape from my head.  Grr. I stopped, fixed it, put my goggles back on and continued my warm up.  Then my goggles started leaking.  I swam the last 50 of the warm up with my eyes closed.  It was all downhill from there.  Despite my best efforts, my googles continued to leak approximately every 50 yards (time to order new ones) and my calves decided that mid-drill was a great time to cramp.  The end of the workout could not come fast enough!  Despite a less-than-stellar performance, it wasn't a total loss. I attempted exactly one flip turn after I shut off my watch and it. was. perfect.  

We got home around 9pm, ate (read: inhaled) some meatloaf, gave Walter his weekly bath, and took both boys upstairs to snuggle and listen to music.  Bunny snuggles pretty much make everything right in the world. 

I awoke to a nose that was both stuffed up and runny. So much for avoiding the death plague entirely, but I'm hoping this is as bad as it gets.  I spent most of the day lounging on the couch with a blanket - moving only to do my bike ride and take a long, steamy shower.  I did manage to make more progress  on the book I'm reading and I watched the Imitation Game (if you haven't seen it, watch it), so I wasn't a total waste of carbon. Oh, and the replacement coffee grinder showed up on my doorstep so Mr. R&R/I don't have to make a coffee run in the morning and the world will be a slightly safer place on Monday morning.

Many thanks to my friend April for posting this on my Facebook page because it's true!
I had another appointment with my trainer today - and a run to do.  I got to the gym early and hit the treadmill. I've been bad about adding to my mileage and had plenty of time so I ran 4 miles - the most I've run in a while.  Good god I love negative splits - and I really love them when they're fast!

Post run I cleaned off my treadmill and promptly walked straight outside in an attempt to stop the torrents of sweat pouring out of me before I met up with my trainer.  When I met up with her (she needs a blog name - any ideas?), a 30 minute beating ensued.  There were squats, lunges, all manners of abdominal work, and oh yeah...shoulder touch push ups.  I was absolutely wasted by the time we were done - and I loved it.

I stopped in the locker room long enough to put on street clothes and jot down all the moves I just did while they were still fresh in my mind (otherwise I have no chance of remembering them so I can do them on my own) before dashing over to my mom's house to shimmy up a ladder and help her out with a little home repair.  I mentioned that I was planning to go to Trader Joe's afterward and she ended up coming along for the ride.  Holy crap that place was packed.  If my refrigerator hadn't been naked, I would have turned around and walked out. As it is, I still managed to forget one thing on my list so I'll have to make another trip at some point this week.

In need of replenishing

When I got home, Mr. R&R and I put the package of Italian sausages (second shelf down on the right) to good use.  We've had an unseasonable warm spell this weekend, so Mr. R&R fired up the grill and 45 minutes later we were feasting on sausages and veggies cooked in beer.  I can't wait until 'Use-The-Grill-All-The-Time' season arrives for real!

While the sausages were cooking, I started my meal prep for the week by making a pot of wonton soup.  I used a hybrid of a couple of recipes, so I'll reserve sharing until I've eaten the final product for lunch next week.  I probably should have done more prep, but there were some other chores that needed my attention more, so I'll make chicken and spanakorizo tomorrow night when I get home from work and I'll throw together some yogurt messes and proatmeal before bed tonight.  My lunch/dinner plans for the rest of the week involve using up stuff that's lurking in my freezer, so that should keep the work and maybe the dishes to a minimum.  I swear, the dishes will be the end of me.

Round 2: Week 2 Totals:
Swim: 2.125 yards (1.21 miles)
Bike: 18.48 miles
Run: 7.15 miles
Strength Training: 2 sessions
Total Miles: 26.84 miles
Total Time: 4 hours, 33 minutes

What'd you do this weekend? Seen any good movies/read any good books? Recommendations?

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