Sunday, February 15, 2015

Insanity Week 3: Wine and Whine

I wish I still looked that good after an Insanity workout! Three weeks in and I'm still reduced to a gelatinous, sweaty heap on the floor by the end of every workout, but it's been 110% worth it.  I'm getting some of the laser-like focus I had during my Raise The Bar challenge, feel like I'm getting stronger, and I think my inner pain junkie is back in full force.

Day 15:
Today was the second of five Fit Test days.  If you'll recall, the Fit Test includes a brief warm up and stretch, followed by the actual test: 8 moves, 1 minute each, 45 seconds of rest in between, and then a brief cool down.  The first time I did this two weeks ago, I was both ready to die afterward and really happy with the results.  How'd I do after two weeks of having my ass handed to me by Shaun T?  You be the judge.

Do NOT get me started on how mad I am about the switch kicks!  I don't know what the hell was wrong with me, but I couldn't get a good rhythm going to save my life.  I'm really happy about the rest of the numbers - particularly the push up jacks.  I've never done that many push ups on my toes in one go, much less adding in jumping jack legs. It was nice having a goal to shoot on this round.  I don't know about you, but if I know I did 45 reps last time, I will do 46 the next time or die trying!

Day 16:
Oh, Plyometric Cardio Circuit, how I both love and hate thee.  This workout never fails to beat the hell out of me, but for the first time ever, I made it through the 9 minute warmup without needing a break!  This leads me to believe that I'm making some gains in the cardiovascular fitness department. I was still quivering on the floor when it was over and my legs were on fire, I definitely felt like I was able to do more of the workout tonight.

Day 17:
Pure Cardio followed by Cardio Abs.  Nothing says half way through the week like a double shot of whoop ass.  If I thought my legs were burning last night, tonight they were incinerated.  There were switch kicks (grrrrr), push up jacks, football sprints, frog jumps, and of course the evil-as-f#*! pedal. After that it was on to Cardio Abs -  a whole bunch of really tough ab moves made even harder by the fact that you're already exhausted from Pure Cardio.  

Day 18:
Cardio Recovery, how I do love thee - especially when I don't come crawling home from work until 7:00pm.  I was physically and mentally exhausted after an 11 hour day and was incredibly relieved to find this workout on the schedule.  I was still a little miserable during the squat and lunge portions, but the yoga portions made me feel a little better.

Day 19:
I did Cardio Power and Resistance on my own tonight since Mr. R&R had a massage scheduled.  I got through the workout, but discovered that I missed having someone to suffer and commiserate with.  This struck me as a little odd because when it comes to all things swim/bike/run, I usually prefer to workout alone.

I think this guy was trying to kill me.
Day 20:
Sunday's rest day was moved to today so that Mr. R&R could fix his parents' computer and so I could have lunch with my mom.  Once we both made it back home, we hit Trader Joes' for wine and pizza ingredients and then indulged in a totally non-Insanity-compliant prosciutto and onion pizza and far too much wine.  Happy Valentine's Day!

This about sums up my Saturday.

Day 21:
I don't think I'll ever learn from my wine-related mistakes in life.  I woke up feeling terrible from last night's excesses and that feeling never went away all day.  Let's just say that Plyometric Cardio Circuit while hungover may be the cruelest self-punishment I've ever engaged in.  On a positive note: I got all of my laundry and ironing done over the weekend (my drawers and closet are now near bursting), contents of the Feed Bag are ready for the next two days, and I'm 1/3 of the way through Insanity.  I can't believe that there's only 42 days to go!

How was your week? Any fun workouts? Do you prefer to workout alone or with others?

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