Sunday, May 12, 2013

Swim, Bike, Guacamole?

This week definitely gave me a hard reality check of what my life is going to be for the next few months: time-crunched, hungry, and seriously in love with sleep!

Monday, May 6th:
I definitely felt the after-effects of yesterday's five miler today, just not where I expected to! Usually I feel long runs in my legs, glutes, and abs, but this one decided to rear its head as a really ugly achy spot in my back that hurt every time I moved the wrong way in my chair today.  There was no way I was running tonight, so I swapped today's run with tomorrow night's trainer ride.
My cadence is right where I want it, but my speed just isn't improving. Grrr... Looks like I need more time on the trainer. Maybe I can beat myself into going faster?

Tuesday, May 7th:
I think yesterday's trainer ride was just what I needed, because today's 3 miler felt pretty damn good - especially the first 2 miles.  I wasn't really paying attention to my pace, I just ran what felt good.  The third mile...well, that's another story.  I definitely paid for running too fast in the first 2 miles.
Damn you, Mile 3!
Somewhere just past Mile 1 I started to think that the kindergarten teachers of America have failed today's youth.  Part of my route involves running past a small, private college and I came up on three guys walking slow moving pack and taking up the whole sidewalk.  I called out 'Passing on your left' which would have given them the chance to move to their right a little (see red arrow) so I wouldn't have to run on the muddy grass on either side of said sidewalk.  Apparently 2 of the three were completely oblivious or they need to go back to kindergarten and learn the difference between their left and right since they moved to their left (see yellow arrow).  Fortunately their more advanced friend managed to drag them out of the way - while making fun of them for not knowing the difference between left and right! Maybe there's hope for some of them?
I am NOT an artist!
Wednesday, May 8th:
Today was my first official event with my fellow wannabe triathletes - a swim stroke analysis clinic.  I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but the team's swim coach (who is currently pursuing her 5th Ironman finish) and the Iron Cheerleader (who's working on his 4th Ironman) put us through our paces and offered suggestions on how to improve form, efficiency, etc. At one point they even filmed us, after swearing that the video wouldn't end up on YouTube, so we could see what we were doing wrong.  Hint: In your mind, you look like Michael Phelps when you swim. In reality, you probably look like a thrashing, splashing mess!  My big things to work on are: learning to breathe bilaterally, not popping my head up so far when I breathe, and changing where my hands enter the water.  After an hour in the pool, I was exhausted!  Don't ask me how, but somehow I managed to get caught up in some ugly construction traffic on the way home, and didn't roll in the door until after 9pm. I inhaled my dinner (made by the nice guy up at Qdoba), cleaned up Walter and Spot's condo, and I'm pretty sure I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

Thursday, May 9th: 
I was so happy that today was a rest day. I randomly woke up at 3:30am and tossed and turned for over an hour before falling back asleep, my arms and shoulders were still burning from last night's swim workout and I had an appointment with The Mane Wrangler.
Fueled By 'Bou
 It took nearly 3 hours, an inordinate amount of foil, and an assortment of chemicals, but I finally look normal again!  Of course a 3 hour trip to the Mane Wrangler meant that I didn't get home until after 9:00pm - again.

Friday, May 10th
Can someone please explain to me how I can buy a "size x" swimsuit 8 years ago and have it fit perfectly, but when I tried on a "size x" suit from the same brand tonight, it appears to have been manufactured for a toddler?  Sigh. Back to the drawing board in the search for a new swimsuit. Just what I don't really have time for! On a happier note, Mr. R&R and I tried a new-to-us sushi place tonight.  Yum! 

Maguro, Hamachi, Sake
Saturday, May 11th:
What happens when I take two rest days instead of one? Oh yeah...I have to double up on workouts to make up for what I missed.  I woke up this morning, force-fed myself a Clif bar, and made the twenty minute drive to the pool to do the workout that the Iron Cheerleader had on the schedule for today. I hit the water and did an easy 50 yard warm-up.  The main set was 4x25 freestyle - with a focus on all the things that I was told to work on at Wednesday night's swim clinic.  I still can't breathe bilaterally, my head still comes up too far when I take a breath, but at least my hands seem to be entering the water in the right place!  After that it was an easy 50 yard cool down, out of the pool, and another twenty minutes in the car to get home.  Yes, I spent more time in the car than I did in the water!  Once I got home (after a quick coffee stop), I threw on my cycling clothes and hit the Babe Cave to make up Thursday night's missed workout.  The Iron Cheerleader had us scheduled for a 10 minutes of easy spinning for a warm up, 20 minutes at 'somewhat tougher' speed, followed by a 10 minute easy spin cool down.  I felt like going a little longer, so I extended the workout to 45 minutes and managed to bust out 10 miles.  By the time I was done, I was dripping sweat on the floor around my bike!
My shirt was glued to my back!

I scarfed down a sandwich, guzzled my reheated coffee, jumped in the shower, and made myself somewhat presentable to we could get to Nacho Nurse and Mr. Fix-It's house for a tamale-making party.  Every year they have a bunch of people over to make tamales which are then frozen and served at subsequent parties throughout the year.  It was really nice to see everyone (all of The Usual Suspects were there except for Whoo-Ha) since I've been something of a recluse lately. There was tamale-making, an incredible spread of homemade Mexican food, plenty of beer (lucky for me, Mr. Fix-It shares my taste for Bud Light), karaoke, an adorable baby, and a couple of dogs wearing sombreros!
Tamale - before being rolled and wrapped in a banana leaf

Guacamole - which I ate a ton of

Perro En El Sombrero
After all the food, fun, and  beer I think this guy and I had the exact same idea: nap time, so we hung out on the couch together watching everyone sing karaoke. 

Sunday, May 12th:
I was supposed to get up and go for a run before getting together with my mom for Mother's Day at noon.  Somehow I managed to oversleep (FAIL!) and had enough time to take a shower, slam a cup of coffee, give Walter and Spot carrots, and get my booty over to my mom's house.  She had never been to the Milwaukee Public Market, so we headed that way for lunch.  We both enjoyed baba ghanoush /falafel/veggie stuffed pitas from Aladdin and picking up some giant cookies from C. Adams Bakery we went to pick up some flowers for her garden - her gardens are absolutely amazing, whereas I kill almost every plant that I come into contact with.  I guess I didn't inherit her green thumb!

I didn't end up getting my run in, but I'm not going to stress over it. I'm sure I'll be doing plenty of running in the next few weeks!  On another note, I figured out the swimsuit sizing conundrum from Friday night. According to a little internet research, what was designated as "size x" 8 years ago is now "size y".  I guess that solves that mystery - and should save me some time when I continue my hunt for a new suit.

Week 2 Totals:
Swim: 1,073 yards
Bike: 20.01 miles
Run: 3.0 miles
Total Hours: 3 hours, 16 minutes


April said...

You.Are.A.Beast. If you back keeps acting up you might look up a chiropractor.

Mary said...

Thankfully my back started behaving again by Tuesday. I keep meaning to make an appointment with a massage therapist since the whole thing is a knotted up mess, but I keep forgetting!

Elizabeth said...

You are amazing! I wish I had your determination. But I would love to have some of your guacamole :) soon?

Mary said...

Definitely! Give me a call and we'll plan something - it's been far too long!