Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cuddly Bunnies

Week 3 is over? Already? Time just seems to be flying by.  Then again, what else is new?

Monday, May 13th:
Oh Monday, you frustrate me so.  Work was the usual circus, followed by the grocery store. I know, I know...but I ran out of time to go grocery shopping over the weekend, and it was either shop or eat condiments instead of actual food.  After a quick dinner of 'cheater chicken', a baked potato (totally microwaved that sucker) and some broccoli, I hit the trainer for 45 minutes and then proceeded to have a minor tantrum when what I had thought was a really good ride turned out to be slower than my last two rides.  I feel like I'm putting in the effort, but not seeing results. It's frustrating the hell out of me.

Tuesday, May 14th:
I came home today and my mind and body were both completely out of gas. There was no way I was going for the run I had planned unless I wanted to faceplant in the middle of the sidewalk.

It's going to be rough squeezing in all my workouts this week, but I think I can still get them all in. Famous last words?  Oh, and I made this official tonight too!

Wednesday, May 15th:
Walter had an appointment with Dr. Beast tonight (don't worry...he's fine), so we corralled the boys in their carrier and made the drive, with two freaked out bunnies, to her office.  Once we were there, Walter was perfectly happy and content especially when his favorite vet tech was holding him!  Spot, on the other hand was a shaking mess and the only thing that happened to him at the vet's office was Dr. Beast petting him and saying hello!  He hates being held, but the only thing that calmed him was cuddles from Mr. R&R!

We finally made it home around 7:30 and between the late hour and the fact that I. was. starving. there was no workout.

Thursday, May 16th:
I met up with the Newbies at a local parkway for a hill workout on one of the two nastiest hills in town. This sucker is on one of my regular running routes and I make it a point to always run down it! If you've been hanging around here for a while, you know I despise running up hill and usually end up walking at least part of every major hill I come upon.  That needs to stop, so I figured this group workout would be a good first step in fixing the problem.

The five of us and the Iron Cheerleader set off on a short warm up run (just under a mile).  Once we were warmed up, the Iron Cheerleader gathered us at the bottom of a small hill, gave us a few tips how to run hills more efficiently, and sent us off on our first out and back - or should I say up and down?

Um...that's way faster than I normally run.  The group dynamic motivated me well out of my comfort zone so  I think I may need to train with others more often.  After the little hill it was time to take on the big hill...times 3.  It was definitely tough, but I controlled my breathing, focused on taking the hill one step at a time, and I made it up without walking all three times and then enjoyed the controlled chaos that is running downhill, followed by a nice easy jog back to my car.  I also talked to the Iron Cheerleader about my inability to clock a decent speed on the bike lately and he had a few suggestions.  Hopefully they help because something's gotta give.

Holy $#!%
Friday, May 17th:
I should have gone to the pool after work to make up for Tuesday's missed swim workout and then followed it with some time on the trainer.  By the time I left work, I realized I'd forgotten to eat lunch (insane day) so the pool was out, but I did put in half an hour on the trainer.  I reset my bike in the trainer (one of the suggestions from yesterday), changed the position of my climbing block, hopped on, pedaled my butt off, and was rewarded with an average speed about 1 mile/hour faster than I've been riding!  Hopefully this is the start of an upswing in speed.

Saturday, May 18th:
My day started with a double swim workout since I didn't go to the pool on Friday.  Workout #1 was a 50 yard warm up, 2x50 main set, and a 50 yard cool down. Since I was going to be going straight into a second workout, I did 50 yards with a kick board instead of cooling down. Workout #2 was a 50 yard warm up, 4x25 main set, and a 50 yard cool down.  I felt pretty good, but I seem to always get tired in the deep end of the pool rather than at the shallow end.  It's annoying!  Once I got home, Mr. R&R and I hit the back yard to do some much needed weeding and clean up. It was hot, sweaty work but the section we did looks much better now.  We're hoping to do more, and put some plants in, next weekend.  I also got a little snuggle from Walter.  He's not usually much for snuggling with the humans, but he laid on me for a good 2 minutes before he wanted down!

Sunday, May 19th:
I was supposed to be at a Proper Running Form clinic at 10:00 this morning, but by the time I woke up that just wasn't going to happen.  Mr. R&R and I decided to do a few easy miles together instead.  The first mile felt good despite the heat and an humidity.  The second mile was ugly.  I actually had to stop at the top of a hill because I was so dizzy.  We ran/walked the rest of the way home while reminding ourselves that there's a reason you do not run in heat and humidity without at least bringing a water bottle along.  Our slog (slow jog) was followed by a late breakfast, showers, and a nap.  Later in the day my dad came by to help us move our old dryer over to my mom's house since hers decided to commit suicide mid-load of towels - and he brought along a friend to "help".

Meet Spooky: 92lbs of gentle giant
When I got home, my Week 4 training schedule was waiting in my inbox.  The distances are definitely longer, the schedule is definitely busier, and somewhere in there I really need to go find a new swimsuit before my old one gives out and I end up flashing the entire pool. Fortunately my office is switching to the 'summer schedule' this week so hopefully I'll be able to duck out in the early afternoon every other Friday, which should help with the time-crunched feeling a little.  8 weeks until race day!


April said...

Congrats on the hill run w/ no walking! That's quite an accomplishment....I walk them and have to stop off and on!.

Mary said...

Thanks! I know that most of my hill issues are in my head - I just need to get out of my own way.