Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yoda Meets Multisport

It all began last Friday night when The Husband and I met up with our friend (and fellow Warrior), Miss Placed for a couple of beers.  She's doing a triathlon at the beginning of July and was trying to convince us to do it too.  No commitments were made, but after we all said goodbye, The Husband and I  made a beeline to a sporting goods store in search of a swim cap for me and goggles for him - all while making plans to attempt an open water swim the next day. We reasoned that even if we didn't do the triathlon in early July we'd surely be ready for one by late July.


Both of us were fairly strong swimmers in our high school days, but let's face it - high school was a long time ago.  Saturday morning came and we suited up, drove 40 minutes out to the location of the late July triathlon, and made our way into the water.  To be honest, I wanted to get out of the water about thirty seconds after I got in.  Why? The vast majority of the lake looked pretty weedy and lake weeds generally contain a lot of fish.  I'm cursed with a completely irrational fish phobia.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of triathlons involve a lake swim, so I had two choices: suck it up or quit.  I sucked it up.  I stuck my face in the water, made sure there were no fish in the vicinity and proceeded to swim after The Husband.

I think we probably swam a grand total of 150-200 yards (distance for the sprint tri is 400 yards) with lots of rests in between "laps" and were both completely exhausted and had to face the reality that there is no way either of us was going to be swimming 400 yards without stopping any time soon.

Once again, I have to paraphrase Yoda: Do, or do not. I'm not ready to Tri.  All cheesiness aside, as much as I'd like to do a triathlon, I'm just not ready.

I may not be ready this season, but I do have a plan!  The Husband and I are going to try to hit the lake a few more times this summer in an attempt to build some confidence and endurance in the water (and work on my phobia).  Our gym has a reciprocal agreement with another fitness center for pool privileges, so I'll be taking advantage of that this winter to increase both speed and endurance with the added bonuses of not smelling like a lake or coping with fish!  Finally, I'm looking into joining a tri club next spring.  The tri club offers a Newbie Triathlete program, so at least I'll be around other people who are just as clueless as me - and maybe I won't be the only freak with fish phobia!

The triathlon setback is definitely annoying since I've been chomping at the bit to do another multi-sport event ever since I crossed the finish line at the South Shore Duathlon.  Fortunately, I found another duathlon to do in lieu of a triathlon.  The only drawback there is that it's the week after the Full Moon Half Marathon, and I don't think putting that much stress on my body is a good idea.  So I have a choice to make: Half Marathon or Duathlon. I'm hoping to make a decision by the end of this weekend.

Do you have any irrational fears?  Have you conquered them?  If so, how?


April said...

Hmmmm I have a wonky fear of heights. Wonky because its not every height that gets me. Airplanes, climbing trees, I'm fine. Ladder? Bleachers? Oh heck no! When I hung things from the ceiling in my classroom I put a chair on top of a table in lieu of the crazy is that? I've been able to ride the flying swings at the amusement park and some other 'high flyers'. Next step...ziplining in September.

Delyth Edwards said...

My fear, my huge fear are moths. They are evil and they just know I don't like them so they fly in my face and scare me! I hate the damn things so bad, so so bad!

You will get there hun, it's like when I broke my leg and I was in agony after having the plaster removed I convinced myself I wouldn't walk properly again so every day, my grandad took me down to the beach and we began walking 50 yards, then 100, then 150 etc until I could walk the length of the beach and back. You will do it hun, we are all behind you! You've achieved so much, don't let this get you down! :)

Mary said...

Moths are super creepy...and so are dragonflies!

Mary said...

I can do heights, but I can't look straight down!

Anonymous said...

Upside-down. I'm terrified of being upside-down. Weird I know.