Sunday, April 8, 2012

Walter & Spot Take Over

Hi! Walter & Spot here - we're taking over our mom's blog in celebration of Walter & Spot Day! We hear that you humans call this day 'Easter' or something like that, but let's face is all about BUNNIES!!!!  We know our mom uses this blog thing to give you a peek inside her life, so we thought we'd use it to show you what our lives are like - since we're waaaay more interesting (and much cuter) than she'll ever be!

*pushing and shoving*
Walter: I wanna go first!
Spot: No! I wanna!
Walter: I'm the big brother.  I get to go first!
Spot: Fine. Have it your way. *hops off to sulk*

Hi there, I'm Walter. I'm 2 1/2 years old and, unlike my little brother, I'm pretty laid back.  I mostly like to hang out in my house, cuddle with my brother, and stay out of trouble.  Sometimes, I like to come out of my house and lay in front of it on a fuzzy blanket or perch on the furniture that mom and dad buy for us.
The 'Star Blanket' is my favorite!
This is my La-Z-Boy

When I'm feeling extra adventurous, I'll scoot my way down the hall to the bathroom and hang out next to the bathtub.  Don't ask why.  It's just something I like to do. At least I don't hang out behind the toilet like Spot does! When I make my way down there, mom and dad usually bring in towels or blankets for me to lay on and that makes me happy.

Getting some 'Me Time' in the bathroom
 Every once in a while I get inspired to play with some of my toys - and for some reason mom and dad find it incredibly amusing.
I'm half in the bag. Why's that so funny?

I also enjoy watching tv with my brother sometimes. Our favorite show involves a bunch of guys doing something called 'fishing'.  I'm not sure what that is exactly, so I'll have to look it up on Wikipedia sometime, but we do like the show.

Anyway, my favorite thing in the whole wide world is food.  Seriously, I get so excited that I make little squeaking noises as I'm hopping to my nightly greens! And for such a little guy, I sure can eat!  I love all food, but my favorite food is when I get little tiny pieces of banana for a treat!  I think I should get treats every day, but my mom says that I'd get sick if I got them too often. I let her know how much I like bananas by practically climbing in her lap when she's holding them!
See that huge carrot? I will devour it!

This blogging stuff is fun, but I'm getting tired (and hungry), so I'm gonna go lay down on one of my blankets and let Spot have his turn.  Catch ya later!
Bye everyone! It's been fun!

Hi! I'm Spot. I'm 2 years old and oh boy, am I ever curious...about EVERYTHING! While my big brother likes to spend most of his free time hanging out in our house, I like to go out an explore.  There's nothing I won't check out!

I like rabbit furniture

I like human furniture (and have delusions of being a cat)
I even like to explore baskets of laundry - clean stuff only, please!
When I'm not busy exploring, sometimes I like to help my dad read books.  He knows it's going to be a good book if I rub my chin on it or try to eat it.  I also like to steal mom's bookmarks and chew them up.
 I also really like to hide under stuff.  Sometimes those silly humans, and dad, have trouble finding me!
You can't see me!

 I'm not a total foodie like Walter, but I do love a good pile of dandelion greens and the occasional bit of apple as a treat - adventuring makes me hungry!

Anyway, I agree with Walter. This blogging stuff is fun, but typing with my nose is getting tiring, so I'm gonna go snuggle with Walter.  Bye, humans! See ya later!

 Thanks for indulging us and have a 'Hoppy' Walter & Spot Day (or Easter, if you insist on calling it that)!


April said...

Aww how cute! What kind of greens do you feed your sons?

Mary said...

They usually eat a mix of dandelion greens, italian parsley, curly parsley, and carrots/carrot tops. Occasionally we add collards to the mix as well.

Megan said...

LMAO! This probably the best blog ever! :-D Happy Easter to the easter bunnies! I love all their boxes to hide in!

BeringSeaJunkie said...

This is so adorable!! Walter & Spot are so cute, and you can see the difference in their personalities!! Hoppy Walter & Spot day... to be honest it's easier to say Easter, but I'll indulge them!!

Anonymous said...

OMG I'm having a cuteness overload!!! I bet Pina would love to play with them!