Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kick Ass

I got my ass kicked tonight.  I convinced The Husband to run with me so I could take a route I won't take by myself if there's any chance I'll be on it after sunset (rather secluded, unlit, paved recreational trail).  However, The Husband is much faster than I am, so I knew I was going to have to work hard to keep a pace that wouldn't have him regretting accompanying me.  The first mile was around a nice ten minute pace. The second mile was a scorching 9:40-something.  Mile 3 was ugly since I spent a good chunk of it walking and trying to catch my breath.  After a quick stop at my Mom's house for a drink of water, we headed home and started doing 1/4 mile intervals with walking/jogging recovery periods.  That's where the ass-kicking truly began.  The first one was just under 8 minute pace.  The second one was somewhere in the 7:40's.  I don't even remember the pace of the last one (and I'm too lazy to go upload my Garmin data right now), but it was faster than the previous one and uphill. ass-kicking and I loved it.  Running with The Husband is awesome because a) he comes up with the best informal speed workouts and b) it really forces me to push beyond what my comfort zone. Of course the company is nice too! 


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's like really running! Lol I couldn't run that fast unless I were being chased by hyenas! I got Badboy out with me for a walk (he does not run unless we carry a defibrillator) It was nice except for the part when he pulled out his smokes Lol!

Mary said...

I wish I was actually 'that fast' instead of 'that fast' in bursts followed by a wheezing, walking, occasionally whiny recovery!

Can you convince the BadBoy to leave the smokes at home while you walk?

Megan said...

Hooollllyyy Craaaap! LOL Me and my friend do intervals too....but that sounds crazy! LOL. Glad you're husband runs too! That helps to have that live-in exercise partner! :-D You're so gonna fly by me at Warrior! LOL Its okay though! That sounds like a good work out! Good Job!