Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cheese On A Stick (aka State Fair)

When I was a kid, the beginning of the Wisconsin State Fair always signaled that summer was coming to an end.  To this day, I consider 'The Fair' to be the unofficial 'beginning of the end of summer.' For 11 days every August people from all over the state (and beyond) descend on the fairgrounds, about 10 minutes away from downtown Milwaukee. Everyone has their favorite thing about the fair.  For some, it's the giant cream puffs.
For others, it's the carnival rides.
 For others, it's the giant slide.  I have memories from childhood of flying down this thing on a potato sack and thinking that it was the coolest thing ever.

Then there's the food.  Once a year, I get to enjoy this:
Are you wondering what the heck that is?  Allow me to introduce you to Cheese-On-A Stick: molten cheese surrounded by corn dog batter and deep fried.  So bad, yet so good!  

Other food offerings include:

Yes, you read that correctly.  Deep Fried Butter was the newest addition to the long list of crazy foods offered at State Fair.  Last year it was chocolate-covered bacon.  The year before it was a cheeseburger that used two Krispy Kreme donuts in place of a bun.   I haven't tried the butter, the bacon or the burger, but I'm told that for a truly artery-clogging experience one can now get the Krispy Kreme burger piled high with the chocolate-covered bacon and several pats of deep fried butter.  Just thinking about that makes me a) nauseous and b) wanting to call a cardiologist!

My absolute favorite part of the fair is the animals...especially the baby animals!
I swear...this llama looks like he's up to something!
This little fellow was loving the fan blowing on him.

So cute!
The Husband trying to make friends

So long State Fair...see ya next year!

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