Sunday, April 5, 2015

Walter & Spot Day 2015

Hi everyone, Walter and Spot here.  We're doing our annual takeover of our mom's blog on our favorite day of the year: Walter and Spot Day!  Yes, we know that lots of humans think that today is a holiday called Easter, but we know better.  It's all about us today!

We started our day with breakfast and a good snuggle under our favorite box and watched tv (mom says that our favorite show, the one about fishing, will be back on again soon) while mom and dad did chores.

A little while later Grandma Naner came over and brought us a super creative present.  See...we told you that this is an awesome day!

We loved the carrots and the parsley, but the coolest part was the wrapping.

We got a new doormat for our house!

While mom and Grandma Naner ate lunch (we got some basil leaves from whatever mom was cooking), we hung out in our house admiring our new doormat and then they came back in the living room to pet and play with us and to give us bites of banana for dessert!

See what we mean?  Best. Day. Ever.  Now we're gonna go crash.  It's been a busy day for us!

Have a Happy Walter and Spot Day...see ya next time!

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High Country Gal said...

Looks like you two had a wonderful Bunny Day and very nice presents! Very cute photos.