Sunday, July 27, 2014

Taking A Step Back

After my somewhat lackluster training for and performance at the Pewaukee Triathlon, I've officially decided to take a break from triathlon and training in general - which means I will not be racing at the USAT Sprint National Championships next month.  I agonized over this decision, but between being drastically unready for the swim (750 meters in frigid, filthy, choppy as hell water) and generally feeling burned out on all fronts, it seemed like the only logical option.  Once I made the choice, I actually felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, which tells me that it was the right choice.  I'd been driving myself crazy trying to keep all the plates spinning(work/training/home/friends/etc) and I was starting to resent the training, rather than relishing it, and I was feeling like I was in serious danger of permanently breaking up with triathlon.  Instead, we're just "on a break". 

To that end, I've given myself the rest of July and all of August to focus on getting the rest of my life back on track - and swim/bike/run because I want to, not just because I'm supposed to.  As of today, I haven't swam a single stroke or even looked at my bike since the tri, but I have been running - and running well.  In the two weeks since the race, I've run something like 25 miles, and I've loved every single one of them.  It's definitely turning out to be a "running year", but I am starting to think about getting back in the water and back in the saddle in the next few days. 

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Anonymous said...

Not a bad thing. We do things because they make us happy, when they don't it become like work.