Sunday, May 11, 2014

Spring At Last? (HFHM-Week 7)

It seems that Mother Nature might finally be getting her act together...well at least sort of.  The week started off pretty chilly/windy/rainy, but ended up gloriously warm and sunny.  I'm not normally a fan of 80 degree days in early May, but after surviving the Polar Vortex all winter - it felt pretty damned good to run in shorts!

Monday was a day of rest after last week's 9 mile odyssey.  The only productive thing I did was go to the grocery store!

Tuesday was chilly and windy, but I put on my running tights (and thermal shirt and windbreaker) and headed out for 4.5 miles with Mr. R&R.  My legs felt like they were made of lead for the first 2 or so miles, but they eventually loosened up and stopped whining at me.  I even surprised myself by not going out of my way to avoid some hills!

Wednesday's run was just a hot mess.  I was supposed to go to the track and run 8x400 @ 5k pace, but the track was occupied and the thought of running in circles made me twitch.  Mr. R&R proposed a 3 mile race pace effort instead and I quickly agreed.  The first mile was fine.  It wasn't the easiest pace in the world, but I was holding my own.  Somewhere around the 2 mile mark the wheels really started to come off.  To put it nicely, my gastrointestinal system decided to stage a protest.  I spent the last mile running when I could and walking when running just wasn't an option.  And of course, the GI issues lead to the Bullshit Voice rearing it's ugly head.  It's one thing to have to battle my body or my mind, but the two together can be a pretty lethal combination.  I was in a crappy mood for the rest of the night after that.

Thursday brought 70+ degree weather and sunny skies.  After being stuck in The Cave on the trainer for months, it was time to take my bike for an outdoor ride for the first time since I wrecked during the Shoreline Duathlon last August.  I loaded my bike onto the rack and Mr. R&R and I drove over to the Rail Trail where I planned to ride 30 minutes out before turning around while he ran.  I was definitely nervous as I mounted my bike.  It's one thing to be locked into the pedals while the bike is in the trainer and can't tip over.  It's quite another to clip in on concrete!  Fortunately, I managed to clip in and start riding.  

Please Cheesus, don't let me tip over

It took 2 solid miles before I started to feel remotely comfortable riding again, but after that I started remembering how much I enjoy watching familiar landmarks come and go, the wind in my face, and the burning feeling in my legs when I shift into a bigger gear.  I had no real speed goals for this ride since I hadn't been on the road in so long, but I wasn't terribly pleased at the measly 15.6mph average either.  I know I can ride faster - now I just have to get back there!

In addition to seeing lots of runners, cyclists, and a handful of rollerbladers, I came upon these two fellows hanging out near a giant puddle at the side of the trail around the 7 mile mark.  They were just standing there, completely nonplussed by the humans passing so close by! 

Hangin' Out on a Sunny Thursday Evening
My bike and I arrived unscathed back in the parking lot about 10 minutes after Mr. R&R finished his run.  I was beyond happy that my only souvenir from the ride was a chain tat (okay, really a chain ring tat) instead of road rash!

We stopped home long enough to unload my bike and change clothes before hurrying out to the market to pick up greens for Walter and Spot and stopping at Noodles & Company for dinner.

I should have hit the pool on Friday after work, but Mr. R&R was out with friends and I had the house to myself, so I used the opportunity to make a batch of turkey meatballs to stash in the freezer, clean up Walter and Spot's house, work on my mom's gift for Mother's Day, and hang out with my boys.

My Fuzzy Friday Night
Saturday was another sunny, warm day and Mr. R&R and I had 9 miles on the schedule.  It felt really strange to be in shorts and a tank top after weeks of tights and thermals, but it felt really amazing at the same time.  Our goal pace for most of our long runs has been between 10:00 and 10:15, but with the sudden rise in the mercury and not being acclimated to it, we revised it to 10:15-10:30.  It's a very good thing that we did, because it. was. not. easy running in that weather.  I felt like I was running a lot harder than what the pace that showed up on my Garmin, but somehow it all worked out.  Mr. R&R was kind enough to share his handheld water bottle with me so I didn't have to wear my much-hated hydration belt and the lovely people at the county Parks Department have turned on a handful of water fountains a few weeks early.  I looked like a bird at a birdbath when we discovered this.  I was splashing water all over my head, arms, and legs.  I'm sure I looked insane, but I didn't care!  I even felt good enough to push through an extra mile - marking the first time I've ventured into double digits since last September!  My shoulders are also burnt to a crisp.  Maybe next time I'll be smart and remember to use sunscreen.

After showers and naps, we were both famished...and we'd thought ahead  Mr. R&R fired up the grill and we had a delicious steak dinner - and I felt absolutely no guilt about the amount of gorgonzola sauce I poured on my food!

Sunday was Mother's Day and a planned rest day.  My mom and I had lunch, took a short (1.5-ish miles) walk, stopped for ice cream and generally had a lovely day together.  I think the highlight for both of us was seeing some Canada Geese with their flock of 10 goslings while we were walking.

I also got to give my mom the present I  made for her on Friday night. I haven't given her a homemade gift in at least 20 years!

And on that's time to get ready for another week.  What was the highlight of your weekend?  When's the last time you gave a gift that you made yourself?

Weekly Totals:
Swim: 0
Bike: 14 miles 
Run: 17.5 miles
Strength: 0
Total Miles: 31.5
Total Time: 3 hours, 44 minutes


April said...

80 would be heavenly compared to the hellish 95+ we've been having...its waaaay too hot for this time of year. The highlight of my weekend was waking up Saturday morning to a gentle thunderstorm and pounding rain. Temps were low (50ish) and my windows and doors were open (I was in the country house, not the apartment). Picked my head up long enough to figure out there wasn't going to be a MAJOR storm and snuggled under my covers listening to the soothing sounds and fell back asleep...aaaaahhhhh.

Last handmade gift was either a beaded necklace or a framed photograph I took. Can't remember which and it has been a couple of years now.

Mary said...

Your rainstorm snooze sounds awesome!

April said...

Now your mom's gift makes sense!

Anonymous said...

When I hear Noodles & co. all I can see is Po's Dad (Kung Fu panda) who sells noodles and has a noodle hat. O.o