Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Overload

Hi! Walter and Spot here.  We've taken over our mom's blog again in celebration of Easter Walter and Spot day.  Yes, we're a few days late, but we needed a little time to recover from all the attention and spoiling!

You see, our Grandma Naner came over to have dinner with Mom and Dad spend the day with us and she brought us an Easter Basket!

Carrots and Parsley and Bananas...Oh My!

At first we weren't so sure about having an extra person in the house, so we hid in our favorite places before coming out to say hi to Naner.

If I scooch all the way to the back of my deck, they can't reach me.

Hiding under my box - on one of my favorite blankets

Our Grandma Naner knew exactly how to get on our good side...she got down on the floor and gave us carrots and lots of nose and ear rubs!  We rewarded her efforts with little nose bumps.

She even plays peek-a-boo with us!
By the time Easter Walter and Spot Day was over, we were exhausted.  The only thing to do was scarf down some of our goodies from Naner and then cuddle up and go to sleep!

Attention = Exhaustion
 We hope you had a good Easter Walter and Spot Day!


Anonymous said...

I freaking love that they got their own Easter basket! They are so darn cute!!

Mary said...

They get Christmas presents too!