Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sushi, Snowflakes and Camping

Another week has gone by in Rabbits and Runs land.  It started with bombs and birthdays. It ended with snow and a tent!

Monday, April 15th:
The horrific events in Boston today made it hard to think of much else. However, it was Mr. R&R's birthday, so we went to one of our favorite sushi places, Izumi's, for a low-key celebration.

Maguro, Hamachi, Sake, and Shiro Maguro

Tuesday, April 16th:
All day today, I felt like crap. Either my allergies are flaring up or I'm getting a cold. Dinner wasn't as pretty as last night's, but it was still good.

Wednesday, April 17th:
The road to hell is paved with good intentions...and the inevitable 'spring cold'.  Yesterday's 'is it my allergies or a cold' became a full blown cold by this morning. I follow the 'neck up' rule when it comes to working out while under the weather and since I'm coughing and my chest feels all's a couch day.  I was okay with this since my favorite tv show premiered it's new season last night and the episodes are usually available for download via Amazon the next day.

Alas, the episode wasn't available yet and I had to make do with re-runs of How I Met Your Mother and a book.  I'm currently reading:

Thursday, April 18th:
This cold is beating the crap out of me.  No workout, but I did finally get to watch my episode of Deadliest Catch.  That show never fails to remind me that no matter how rough things get at work, at least I'm warm and dry at all times - and unlikely to wind up dead!  I also spent part of the night cleaning for the bunny-sitter since we're going to attempt to go camping this weekend. Yes, I have a cold. Yes, it's been raining cats and dogs for like a week straight. Yes, the temperatures are probably going to drop into the upper 20's at night. Yes, they're predicting 30mph winds on Friday night. But, if we don't go now, there's a very real possibility that we won't get another chance to go until late October/early November - and damn it...I WANNA GO CAMPING!

Friday, April 19th - Saturday, April 20th:
Against all forms of good sense, Mr. R&R and I packed up and headed off to our favorite campground - never mind that the predicted low's were in the mid-20's (with wind chills in the low teens).  We got our tent set up and were just sitting down to eat dinner when it started to snow!!!

The snow shower ended just as an entire troop of boy scouts arrived and set up camp all around us.

Initially I was a little worried that they'd be loud and irritating, but as it turns out, they were pretty decent neighbors - except for the really dreadful bugle-playing when they went to bed.  We turned in pretty early due to the cold and were snug as bugs in a rug in our new sleeping bag.

The next morning we decided that we didn't really want to make it a two night trip due the hiking trails within the park being flooded, the hiking trails outside the park being unusable due to people with guns stalking turkeys, and the fact that moving 10 feet away from the fire after sundown wasn't a desirable thing to do.  So we spent the morning/early afternoon burning up our remaining firewood and reading.  Between the sun and the heat of the fire it was really pleasant. It was nice to just check out (even if it was only for 24 hours) and relax.  I knocked out about 90 pages before we packed up and headed home.

The rest of Saturday was spent unpacking , doing laundry (that campfire smell is a pain to get rid of), and vegetating on the couch.

Sunday, April 21st:
My cold, which seemed to be gone on Saturday, came back full force today so I spent the day alternating between finishing the laundry, reading through the "life-coaching homework" from last week (thoroughly unimpressed), and laying on the couch.  Oh - and somewhere in there I finished the book I started on Saturday morning.

On to another week!


April said...

Sometimes its just nice to go to the woods and plant your butt in front of the fire. Everyone needs time to do nothing.

hkairedalespack said...

Sorry that the snowy weather cut your camping trip short. At least you got to get away for awhile and relax (& recharge)in a scenic location. I usually get colds every April-early May (one is probably lurking around the corner).