Sunday, March 17, 2013

What's In Your Bag: Gym Edition

Have you ever seen someone lugging around a gym bag that looks like it's stuffed to the point of bursting and probably weighs as much as a pile of bricks and wondered 'What on Earth is in there?'  Well, if I'm the person you've seen (seriously, one of my co-workers dubbed my gym bag 'The Body Bag'), I'll answer your question.

Swim Stuff
Swim Stuff
1. Swimsuit
2. Swim Cap
3. Goggles
4. Plastic Bag (so my sopping wet suit, cap, etc., doesn't drench the rest of the stuff in my bag)
5. Flip Flops  (locker room floors, pool decks, etc. are gross)
6. Towel (my pool usage agreement requires me to bring my own towel)

Run/Gym Stuff
Run/Gym Stuff:
1. Shoes
2 - 4. Track clothes (tights, long-sleeved shirt, jacket)
5. Sports Bra
6. Shorts (for the gym - it's hot in there!)
7. Short-sleeved shirt (see reason for #6)
8. Socks
9 - 10. Gloves and Ear Band (again, it's downright cold at the track until you've been running for a while)
11. Garmin Foot Pod
12. Track Pass

Other Stuff
Other Stuff
1. Post-swim/gym clothes (If I go to the pool or gym right after work, I don't want to put my nice clothes back on, so it's nice to have a pair of sweat pants and an old shirt to throw on.)
2. Brush and comb
3. Shampoo and conditoner (in case I absolutely have to go anywhere but straight home afterward)
4. Gym Membership Card
5. Weight Lifting Gloves
6. Waterproof Watch (if I want to know how pathetically slow I swim!)

Not Pictured: iPod shuffle and Garmin (they were busy charging when I took these pictures), water bottle, granola bar

So there you have it - all the things I keep jammed into my gym bag.  What's in your bag?

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Anonymous said...

1. Yoga Pants
2. Jingly hip scarf
3. Dance skirt
4. leg warmers
5. Sports bra
6. tie-up dance top
7. sneakers (to wear home after, I dance barefoot)