Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Back: 2012

Before I go barreling headlong into 2013, I thought a look back at 2012 was worth while.  So here it 2012 Year In Review.

Popularity Contest: 
*based on total number of pageviews

Most Popular Post: Tundra Challenge Review
I think it's hilarious that the worst "race" I ever participated is also the most-viewed post of all time on my blog!  I hope, that in some small way, I managed to keep others from being taken in by this shady excuse of a race.

 Runner Up: Date Night (Part 1)
Ah yes, the long run gone wrong.  At least the dinner tasted good!

Honorable Mention: I Do All My Own Stunts
Give me a fun trip and I'll give you a fun post!

Athletic Endeavors

Favorite Race: South Shore Rock 'n Ride Duathlon
I became a duathlete that day - and it made me more determined to eventually become a triathlete!

Most Fun Race: Warrior Dash
This race was a great because I got to spend time with my old friends...and meet a new one!

Toughest Race: Madison Half Marathon
There's a moment during almost every race where I ask myself "Why am I doing this?"  I asked myself that question a number of times during this race and came the closest I've ever come to dropping out of a race.


Favorite Trip: Paris
This was the most unexpected and amazing trip of my life.  I can't say enough good things about France, but if you ask me about it, I probably won't shut up for days.

Runner Up: North Carolina
Beautiful views, serious relaxation, and tons of outdoor fun!

All About The Animals: 

I couldn't not mention the critters!

Favorite Walter Pic of the Year:

Favorite Spot Pic of the Year:

Favorite "Group" Pic of the Year:

Favorite Mason Moment: 

2012 been filled with so much good  and I can only hope that 365 days from I have the good fortune to say the same.  So here we go - I'm raising a glass to celebrate 2012 and I'm ready to pop the cork on 2013.

Happy New Year!


April said...

May 2013 be bigger and better for you! Love that pic of Mason in the sink! Such a cutie!

Mary said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

How do you get the critters to pose for you?

Mary said...

They don't pose. I just stalk them with a camera/my phone and hope to catch them doing cute stuff!