Monday, September 12, 2011


Have you ever had one of those days?  The kind of day where you feel like every time you cross one item off your Things To Do List six more take it's place?  The kind of day where everything seems to be happening at once?  The kind of day where it feels like you either need a personal assistant or to be reincarnated as an octopus so you have enough arms to juggle all the crap going on in your life?  Yeah, I thought so!

So here I am, 6 days away from the Fox Cites race (no where near ready), 2 weeks away from a vacation (that I planned back in January, but still could be canceled at the last minute), and 3 weeks way from what a coworker and I affectionately refer to as Hell Month at the office.  I'm not even close to ready to deal with any of it.  So yeah, you could kind of say I'm having one of those days for the next 2 weeks.

I'm sure the fact that I'm a control-freak, type A personality isn't making me a lot of fun to be around right now, but it sure is helping me keep track of all the stuff that has to be done before each of these events. To give you an idea of how OCD I am right now, I will confess:  I have a spreadsheet that details every chore/errand/personal appointment that I have between now and the day we're supposed to leave for vacation.  I have a 2 page list on my desk at work that seems to grow daily, but has to be completely finished before I go! 

I'm guessing I'll feel a lot better once the Fox Cities race is done and I can focus on all the other stuff.

What's your method for dealing with your life when it's out of control busy?

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